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Name Tia-Lewise
IRL Tia, Tia-Lewise (no, seriously)
Nationality British
Hometown New Mills
Profession WikiGnome
Date of Birth March '94
Age 19
Height 5'3
IQ As far as I can recall, about 112
Favourite character It's gotta be Vegeta!
Least favourite character Kid Gohan. Stop crying!!
Hobbies Putting on wellies and a red hat, and sitting on a toadstool with a fishing rod
Where else can I be found? Final Fantasy Wiki, Bulbapedia
Favourite quote "I think she just hummed a few bars." - Vegeta

Hey, yo. I've been visiting DB Wikia for quite a while but only just decided to start editing here. I'm much more commonly found on the Final Fantasy Wiki and/or on their IRC channel, #Wikia-FF, but since I badgered my boyfriend into downloading all of Dragonball and so far, most of Dragonball Z, I'm reliving my childhood! Or as much of it as I can remember.

So, me...

Well, I'm a 19 year old British teenager, formerly a Media Studies and Performing Arts student. If I'm not at home, I'm at Chester University, where my boyfriend studies Music, and this is where I'm normally on the internet.

I'm rather sad, and write fanfiction. The image you see on the right is a drawing of Aricota, an original character of mine, done by Memeshii Horizon. I'd really advise you to check her out, she's lovely, sweet and draws amazingly!

Things I've noticed about DB Wiki

First things first, thank Christ talk bubbles work here! I can't survive without my talk bubble. I gotta say though, I really don't like how I've seen that many users' signatures feature images that exceed 15 x 15 pixels, it really distorts paragraph space, and many signatures use clashing colours. My eyes have been melting flicking through talk pages, and people seriously don't know how to use indenting. Yep, I moan a lot, but how will things get done if you don't stamp your foot a bit? Haven't I just made the greatest first impression-!

You'll notice my current signature is not really a DB one, but my signature from FF Wiki, minus the sprite of Rydia. I do this to keep consistency across Wikia, and as I have been (god damn awfully) impersonated in the past, it also serves as proof of identity. I'll know if someone is pretending to be me!

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