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The best guy in the universe

  • I live in a placey place
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is being a person
  • I am not your mom

Hello person of the universe , i am Gohan2 , but you can call me Gohan2.

i'm a big fan of Anime/Manga , DB/Z/GT are my faves though (yes , i even like GT).

my fave thing in the entire universe is VIDEO GAMES! i love video games , but i HATE FPS'S! but i do like RPG's and Adventure games.

fave DB characters:

1. Vegeta (he was an enemy to Goku then he changed and became friends with him and the rest of the Z-Fighters)

2.Cell (he's just so awesome i can't explain)

3. Broly (he is one of my fave bad guys in anything i've even watched/read)

4.Tapion (he plays the ocarina and has a awesome sword)

5.Piccolo (do i really have to say anything?)

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