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I have no name I am nobody.

My Favorite Heroes

1. Goku

2. Piccolo

3. Vegeta

4. Future Trunks

5. Tien

6. Gohan

7. Krillin

8. Goten

9. Kid Trunks

10. Yamcha

My Favorite Villains

1. Frieza

2. Cell

3. Super Buu

4. King Piccolo

5. Mercenary Tao

6. Dr. Gero

7. Omega Shenron

8. Eis Shenron

9. Dabura

10. Baby

11. Babidi

12. General Rildo

My favorite henchmen

1. The Spice Boys(Garlic Jr. Saga is one of my favorites plus they wers ome of the best henchmen around and had some of the best deaths in the series)

2. Zarbon

3. Dodoria

4. Cui

5. Pui Pui

6. Spopovich

7. Yamu

8. Commander Nezi

9. Bizu

10. Natt

11. Ribet

Favorite Movie Henchmen

1. Cooler's Elite Squadron

2. The Crusher Corps(Turles's Henchmen)

3. Bojack's Henchmen

4. Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho(Garlic Jr"s)

Favorite Comic Relief Characters

1. Master Roshi

2. Oolong

3. Yajirobe

4. Mr. Satan

Other Favorite Characters

1. Mr. Popo

2. Lime

3. Lao

4. Jeice

5. Every Ginyu Force member except Guldo

6. Raditz

7. Nappa

8. Bardock

Characters I Hate

1. Van Zant

2. Smitty

3. Future 17 and Future 18

4. Idasa, Ikose, and Idasa and Ikose's Mother

5. Chiaotzu

6. Guldo

7. Pan

8. Giru

9. King Gurumes(worst villain ever. no point to his creation at all)

My Favorite Themes

10.Prelude to Conflict (FUNimation Cartoon Network DBZ Intro)

9. Perfect Cell Theme

8. Ginyu Force Theme

7. Ginyu Transformation

6. Mystic Gohan's theme

5. Gohan Angers

4. Hell's Bell's

3. Piccolo's Theme

2. Super Buu Theme

1. Ascension Theme

I like Falconer's music and that's just my top 10. I prefer the Japanese music and the Japanese intro for Dragon Ball's English Dub and the remastered sets before Faulconer's music is used and movies 1-3 and the Funimation music for 4-13.

Favorite Saga

1. Namek Saga

2. Garlic Jr. Saga

3. Future Trunks Saga

4. Buu Saga(Super Buu portion)

5. Cell Saga

6. Android Saga

7. Rest of Buu Saga

8. Saiyan Saga

Favorite Sagas in DB

1. Piccolo Jr. Saga

2. King Piccolo Saga

3. Red Ribbon Army Saga

Favorite Movies

1. Cooler's Revenge

2. Bojack Unbound

3. Wrath of the Dragon

4. Fusion Reborn

5. Lord Slug

6. Tree of Might

7. World's Strongest

8. Super Android 13

9. Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

10. Return of Cooler

11. Broly- Second Coming

12. Bio Broly

13. Dead Zone

Favorite movie villains

10. Hirudegarn

9. Janemba

8. Broly

7. Garlic Jr.

6. Super Android 13

5. Dr. Wheelo

4. Turles

3. Lord Slug

2. Bojack

1. Cooler

Favorite Battles(in order they were shown)

In Dragon Ball

Goku vs Yamcha

Goku vs Jackie Chun

Goku vs General Blue

Goku vs. Mercenary Tao

Goku vs. Staff Officer Black

Goku vs.Tien(first part)

Goku vs. Drum

Goku vs. Tambourine(second part)

Goku vs Tien(second part)

Goku vs Piccolo Jr.


Goku vs. Vegeta

Piccolo vs 2nd form Frieza

Goku vs. Frieza

All the Garlic Jr. battles

Trunks vs. Frieza

Vegeta vs 19

Piccolo vs. Dr. Gero

Piccolo vs. Imperfect Cell

Piccolo vs. 17

16 vs Imperfect Cell

Goku vs. Perfect Cell

Gohan vs. Cell Jr's

Goku vs. Pikkon

Gohan vs. Dabura

Gotenks vs. Super Buu

Gohan vs. Super Buu(no one absorbed)

Vegito vs. Super Buu

Goku, Vegeta, and Fat Buu vs Kid Buu

Favorite deaths

1. Van Zant(He was a !@#$%& !@#hole who killed or tried to kill anything he saw for the thrill of it from a helpless old lady to a cute, innocent, puppy. Evil Buu blasting him to kindom come was my favorited death for that reason

2. Future 17, 18, and Future Cell( I hated the Future Androids for killng anyone in sight and havng no humanity unlike their past selves who only killed Dr. Gero. Their deaths were also awesome for being so quick and swift as was Future Cell's)

3. Frieza and KIng Cold(Again quick and swift not to mention how unexapected it was for them and their arrogance lead them to their demise.

4. The Spice Boys(Mustard and Salt hurt Krillin and ticked Gohan ogff thus leading to a quick swift demise for them. As for Spice and Vinegar getting a Double Masenko from Gohan at max power was pretty epic too.

5. Commander Red(Got shot in the head for selfish desires)

6. Staff Officer Black(Goku's sneak attack on his battle robot and it's explosion shortly afterwords was pretty epic)

7. King Piccolo(The hole through his stomach was one of the best ways to kill off a villain in DB)

8. The Cell Jr's(Gohan really showed them not to mess with his friends and every single one of them quick and swiftly)

9. The Saibamen(Krillin's huge blast that killed them was one of his better moments in the series)

10. Guldo(Being my least favorite of the Ginyu Force I enjoyed Vegeta's sneak attack on him)

11. Jeice(Fighting a battle he couldn't win cost him his life and he got a pretty epic blast in the face as well)

12. 19's death(understimating his opponent was a big mistake that got him blow into a million pieces)

13. Vegeta's Sacrifice(this was my favorite hero death in DBZ and had the most emotion in it)

14. Piccolo's Sacrifice in GT(my second gavorite hero death in the DB universe and had just as much emotion and depth as Vegeta's Sacrifice)

15. Eis's Death(Certainly not least but not above the rest. The fact Goku could see with his other senses as well as detect his power level and successfully kill him while blind made this death awesome)

Favorite Movie Deaths

1. Cooler's first defeat(getting blasted into the sun was pure epicness)

2. Cooler's Elite Squadron(Neiz and Doore got owned by PIccolo while Salza was killed by a sneak attack from him)

3. Crusher Corps and Turles(Killed by a Spirit Bomb powered from their own Tree of MIght. awesome)

4. Bojack and his henchmen(Owned by Gohan. epic)

Least Favorite Deaths

1.Ninja Murasaki(Too Looney Tunesish)

2. Cell(Too long)

3. Kid Buu( Spirit Bomb deaths are boring and I wish it had ended with Super Buu)

4. Omega Shenron(Another boring Spirit Bomb death better than most but I wish he'd died by Big Bang Kamehameha)

Favorite Games

1. Legacy of Goku 1 and 2

2. Budokai Series

3. Budokai Tenkaichi series

4. Super Dragon Ball Z

Other animes I like

1. Original Pokemon

2. Original Digimon

3. Rurouni Kenshin

Non anime I like

1. Transformers

2. Thundercats

3. Superhero cartoon/movies

Favorite movies

1. Star Wars

2. Jurassic Park

3. various movies in the horror genre

Other villains I like

1. Dr. Doom(Fantastic 4)

2. The Hobgoblin(Spider-Man)

3. The Green Goblin(Spider-Man)

4. Carnage(Spider-Man)

5. The Leader(Hulk)

6. Loki(Marvel Version)

7. Magneto(X-men)

8. Red Skull(Captain America)

9. Omega Red(Wolverine/X-men)

10. Sabertooth(Wolverine/X-men)

11. Darkseid(Superman)

12. Sinestro(Green Lantern)

13. Deathstroke(Teen Titans)

14. Joker(Batman)

15. Riddler(Batman)

16. Black Mask(Batman)

17. Ra's Al Ghul(Batman)

18. Freddy Krueger(Nightmare on Elm Street)

19. Jason Voorhees(Friday the 13th)

20. Michael Myers(Halloween)

21. Chucky(Child's Play)

22. Oogie Boogie(NIghtmare Before Christmas)

23. Jafar(Disney's Aladdin)

24. Lord Zedd(Power Rangers)

25. Myotismon(Digimon)

26. Mumm-Ra(Thundercats)

27. Skeletor(He-Man 2002 version)

28 Megatron(Transformers)

29. Eric Cartman(South Park)

30. Stewie Griffin(Family Guy)

31. Mysterio(Spider-Man)

32. Venom(Spider-Man)

33. Major Force(DC Comics)

34. Gentleman Ghost(DC Comics)

35. Shredder(Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles)

36. Starscream(Transformers)

37. Black Manta(DC Comics)

38. Gorilla Grodd(DC Comics)

39. Vandal Savage(DC Comics)

40. Darth Vader(Star Wars)

41. Darth Maul(Star Wars)

42. Count Dooku(Star Wars)

43. Emperor Palpatine(Star Wars)

44. Boba Fett(Star Wars)

45. Jango Fett(Star Wars)

46. General Greivous(Star Wars)

47. Purple Man(Marvel)

Other heroes/aniti-heroes I like I like

1. Spider-Man

2. Wolverine

3. Batman

4. Deadpool

5. Thing(Fantastic Four)

6. Hulk

7. Human Torch

8. Iron Man

9. War Machine(Marvel)

10. Daredevil(Marvel)

11. Punisher(Marvel)

12. Yoda(Star Wars)

13. Tommy Oliver(Power Rangers)

Bands I Like

1. Beach Boys

2. Kiss

3. Green Day

Other Stuff I like

1. Comics

2. X-men

3. Literature(preferably Mark Twain)

4. Classic cartoons

5. 90's cartoons

6. 90's sitcoms

7. Two and a Half men

8. How I Met Your Mother

9. The Big Bang Theory

10. Last Man Standing

11. Family Guy

12. South Park

13. N64 games

14. Classic video games or arcade games

15. The paranormal

16. Peanuts

17. Power Rangers


19. Jackie Chan Adventures

20. Certain Nicktoons in the 2000's all before or during 2004(Most notably Spongebob, Fairlyodd parents, Jimmy Neutron, and Danny Phantom are the ones I'm referring to. Avatar The Last Airbender I like as well but it's an exception as the other Nicktoons were just comedy and Airbende is a mix of action and comedy. Rugrats is my favorite ever though.

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