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The Emperor Pilaf

aka Emperor Pilaf

  • I live in Pilaf's Castle
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is Ruler of the world
  • I am Male
Pilaf in his chair RR Army saga

Emperor Pilaf

I am just a guy that really likes emperor Pilaf

My favorite pages

Whats your favorite Saga with Emperor Pilaf

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Userbox. (thanks to EmperorPeeLaugh575 for making the greatest fan user box)

EmperorPilafRRAS The Emperor Pilaf is the greatest fan ever of Emperor Pilaf.
PilafsDream The Emperor Pilaf will rule the world

Pilaf with all 7 dragonballs The Emperor Pilaf has all seven dragonballs
Goku revengeofkingpiccolo1 The Emperor Pilaf Has beat Revenge of King Piccolo
PilafBox The Emperor Pilaf is a brilliant master-mind

Pilafsflyingfortress The Emperor Pilaf owns a flying fortress
Pilaf hitting shu The Emperor Pilaf Has punched Shu in the head
Pilaf machine The Emperor Pilaf Has invented the most greatest weapon of all time, the Pilaf Machine

Shu and mai in pilaf plane The Emperor Pilaf Has Henchmen

Pilaf Wine The Emperor Pilaf can go to bed without a night light

Pilaf king2 The Emperor Pilaf Will be the king of the world

Pilaf machine fighting Goku The Emperor Pilaf has fought Goku and almost defeated him

DragonBallAnime The Emperor Pilaf has watched every DragonBall Episode
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