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That concludes my global profile. Anyways, I've been quite a fan of Dragon Ball for a few years now. I own a good portion of the manga, and I've watched the anime. I also play a few of the video games and I have some random merchandise (my favorite probably being a wristband with a "Goku" kanji symbol on it).

My current avatar depicts Red XII (aka Nanaki) and Vincent Valentine from the Final Fantasy VII series in chibi form. These characters are party members from the original Final Fantasy VII. Both of them were subjects of experimentation by Professor Hojo of Shinra Inc., with Vincent gaining immortality for this reason. When Red XIII suffers from depression due to having enhanced longevity himself (except in his case because of natural causes), he develops a mutual friendship with Vincent. But that's enough backstory. I chose this avatar because I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy (especially the aforementioned installment), and enjoy using these two characters in battle.

Just throwin' this out there, but my go-to color is #4682B4 (Steel Blue).


Mr. Meow talk blog contribs edit stats - My only sig thus far. Since I hate to see huge, 6-line signatures taking up space on talk pages, I use this to add the perfect amount of style. It's also got quite a few links, in case you're like me and need to stalk everyone's pages.


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