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  • I live in West City
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Voice Actress
  • I am Female

Hi ya I am becoming a Vegeta Fan. I am a girl and I am very good at martial arts and i hate anything girly but I don't mind Sailor Moon all that much.


Favorite Characters:

  1. Yamcha
  2. Tenshinhan
  3. Mirai Trunks
  4. Mirai Gohan
  5. Bardock
  6. Fasha/Krillin
  7. Goku
  8. Gohan
  9. Vegeta
  10. Kibito Kai


Yamcha BT3


Tien using Tri beam

Tien Shinhan


Mirai Trunks


Mirai and Mirai Trunks Training

Bardock 2

Bardock- The Best Pure blooded Saiyan in my opinion

Fasha BT3




Goku with the power pole

Goku with the Power Pole




Son Gohan

Kibitokai BT3

Kibito Kai

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