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Super sayain Bardock

aka Super saiyan Bardock aka hero of time

  • I live in Planet Vegeta
  • My occupation is being a hero
  • I am male obviously

Roxas smiling

How could you hate this face?

Hi i'm Super saiyan Bardock and I just got a profile on dragonballwiki today.

Here are my top 5 characters of dragonball.

number 5. Goku- he just has those main character traits but it was boring seeing him beat all the main villains. on to number 4

number 4. Gohan- if you think about it Z was about Gohan growing up from a timid little boy to a fearless man.

number 3- Trunks- I have always had this guy very close to number 1 he came from the future went back in time and killed Frieza and his dad and he saved Goku's life sadly he meets a strange death every time to Cell. Plus he's the son of my next pick.

number 2- Vegeta- This guy has been my favorite DBZ character as long as I can remember he's an antihero he has epic hair he has over 9000 awesomeness not to mention in Japanese he's voiced by Captain Falcon, I always wanted Vegeta to say FALCON PUNCH! He has only been passed by one mighty warrior!

NUMBER 1- Bardock- THE FATHER OF GOKU he has cool hair and armor an epic Tenkaichi 2 theme song and he did one thing which even the king failed at he fought Frieza and his henchmen and as seen in my profile picture he is a super sayian.

My favorite quotes 1. YAY! by me 2. It's Over 9000! by Vegeta 3.Show me ya moves. by Captain Falcon 4.Mama mia by Mario 5.Way past cool. by Sonic The Hedgehog 6. never gonna give you up. by Rick Astley 7.til we meet again guys. by Goku ________________________________________________________________

What you can call me Bardock,SSB,Sayain,Super,Hero of Time,Pal,Bardock man,awesome,great, avenger, liberator, hero,fighter

what you can't call me troll,noob,idiot,sucker,female dog, crap, jerk, spammer, Pan, loser ,gardening tool.__________________________________

Where the heck did I get mah fancy Nicknames? Bardock, Super, and Sayain are from my username

SSB is from chat Hero of time is a original courtesy of myself Pal is from my friends Bardock man is an original awesome is a original great another original liberator I liberate th innocent avenger I avenge my friends hero I save people fighter I never give up the fiiigggghht!

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