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If you're in need of something, please ask fellow admins [[User:10X Kamehameha|10X Kamehameha]], [[User:NamekianFusion|NamekianFusion]], [[User:PrinceZarbon|PrinceZarbon]], or [[User:Nonoitall|Nonoitall]]. They're all awesome and can help you out on many things, ask any of them if you need something, or a problem occurs, or me if you want to, I can archive talk pages, make sigs, assist with loads of things, but mainly, I edit articles.
If you're in need of something, please ask fellow admins [[User:10X Kamehameha|10X Kamehameha]], [[User:NamekianFusion|NamekianFusion]], [[User:PrinceZarbon|PrinceZarbon]], or [[User:Nonoitall|Nonoitall]]. They're all awesome and can help you out on many things, ask any of them if you need something, or a problem occurs, or me if you want to, I can archive talk pages, make sigs, assist with loads of things, but mainly, I edit articles.
I do not go to chat anymore, as it cosumes too much time, and I have other things to do here. If you desperately need me, or need to talk about something privately, I will go, but don't expect me there normally anymore.
==Things to work on==
==Things to work on==
Things which have a line through means they are done.
Things which have a line through means they are done.

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Hello everybody! I'm Super Saiyan Goatee. I joined on April 24th, 2011 so if you have any questions, just ask! :D Have fun, and enjoy the wiki.

If you're in need of something, please ask fellow admins 10X Kamehameha, NamekianFusion, PrinceZarbon, or Nonoitall. They're all awesome and can help you out on many things, ask any of them if you need something, or a problem occurs, or me if you want to, I can archive talk pages, make sigs, assist with loads of things, but mainly, I edit articles.

Things to work on

Things which have a line through means they are done.

  • Complete manga chapters.
  • Add FUNimation, Ocean/BlueWater, and Japanese voices to every character possible.
  • Make more pages for moves in video games, mostly Supreme Kai's currently.
  • Greatly improve certain episode summaries.
  • Make sure each article is written in present tense.

Favorite Characters


1. 'Tao Pai Pai - Tao Pai Pai I believe has one of the best designs in the whole franchise. It may be simple, but from how his eyes are drawn, and his facial features, makes him look quite chilling for an anime character. He also performed one of the best deaths in the whole franchise, killing General Blue with his tongue. I also loved his cold personality, and some of his witty remarks, such as his twisted "Have your spear back!" when killing Bora with his own weapon, smiling as Bora's corpse falls to the ground. He is my favorite character in the entire series, in a lot of ways. His filler in DBZ was ok, but like almost all filler, I did not care too much for it.


2. Kuririn/Krillin. Kuririn was very amusing in Dragon Ball, trying to win over Master Roshi's attention by at first cheating to pass Roshi's trials. He also, when needed, was a very brave and honorable hero, an example being his rescue of Gohan from Frieza, and distracting the tyrant himself. Dispite lacking in strength compared to the Saiyans in Mid- Dragon Ball Z, he still helped out his closest friends, even knowing he was nowhere near the strength of the villians he was up against. His first death at the hands of Tambourine was probably one of the most emotional moments in the entire series, as once again, he fought against his powerful foe, despite his disadvantages. Funny, brave, and honorable, Kuririn, to me, is awesome.


3. Piccolo - Piccolo, is my favorite character in the entire Dragon Ball series. He is cunning, intelligent, witty, has an awesome design, and has an extremely interesting backstory to back him up. He was an awesome villian in Dragon Ball, and continued to be awesome as a hero in Dragon Ball Z. He also has huge character development, going from a bloodthirsty killer, wanting to murder Goku for his father's death, to being a caring, kind hearted (though still strict), and honorable hero, sacrificing himself to save his only friend Gohan, and volunteering to give his life to save others many times after. He is also awesome in battle, with his quick fighting style and many techniques he has up his sleave, as many of his techniques solve many problems one may face in the field of fighting. His backstory of his Namekian heritage was very interesting, including his connection with Kami, once being one being, and becoming that being once again in the Cell Arc.


4. General Blue. General Blue, is a very interesting character. To start off, he portrays the perfect warrior Adolf Hitler was looking for, (blonde hair, blue eyes, strong), and is extremely scrict, even on his soldiers, such as executing one for nose picking. I am a very big fan of history, so Blue starts off on a good note, and is generally, a very interesting character, including his mysterious telekinesis. Blue also had one of the most unique deaths in the series, maybe even in all of Fiction.


5. King Piccolo. Now here is a sadistic villain. King Piccolo, has a cool backstory, once invading the earth many centuries ago, not realising he was an alien from another planet, thinking of himself as a demon. King Piccolo also has the honor of being the first normal Namekian shown, who also got me interested in his race and children. Like I mentioned before, King Piccolo is probably one of the most sadistic villains of all, as when he takes over King Furry's kingdom, he vows to let every criminal free, so they can be free once more, and live their lives the way they want, even if it involves theft, murder, slaughter, and even worse crimes. Also, for killing people in horrible ways (Dropping them from a great height, impaling them). For me, he has one of the best designs in the show, and one of the most awesome deaths of all. King Piccolo, just like his son, is an awesome villain.


6. Tien Shinhan. Tien had an incredibly rough childhood, constanely being knocked around and beaten by Tao Pai Pai during training, which led him to be a heartless, cold person, such as brutally and unnecessarily breaking his opponents in battle, such as Yamcha. However, after some advice from Roshi, he thinks about his previous actions, and feels guilt for them, apologising to Yamcha, and another man who he had once fought against, ruining his life. That greatly interested me about Tien, but the thing that is most interesting is his loyalty to Chiaotzu, his best friend. He will die, and suffer to make sure his first and closest friend doesn't get hurt, even sacrificing himself against Nappa so Chiaotzu would not be alone in the Other World. Also, Tien, even after being greatly surpassed by Saiyans, and enemies alike (Such as Cell and Buu), he still managed to fight back, and assist the Z Fighters that helped them a considerable amount.


7. Master/Muten Roshi. Roshi started the training for Goku, who turned out to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Roshi has a deep history, revealing that he had climbed Korin Tower, and had fought against the evil King Piccolo many decades before DB started. He is a very funny character, and has a lot of entertaining moments in the series. He also, however, is a very noble warrior, willing to sacrifice himself to save the earth, and his friends, shown when fighting King Piccolo a second time, and dying at the hands of the Mafuba. He also gives out great training advice, which came in handy in many battles.


8. Goku. Goku, the main protagonist of the entire series. He is probably also one of the most known anime and manga characters of all time. Goku, is a noble, honorable warrior, who fights to keep peace for the world. He also, has a very interesting backstory, when finding out his true heritage, and learning how to deal with it. Goku, had a lot of awesome fights, funny moments, and just straight up entertaining scenes. He has had some very emotional moments too, such as his two sacrifices, and many more.


9. Frieza. Frieza is a combination of Akira Toriyama's worst fears, and he certainly showed some terrifying motives in Dragon Ball Z. Killing anyone who even slightly annoyed him, even his own soldiers, and even children. Although, his bloodthristy personality really showed when he tortured Kuririn after impaling him, even licking the blood from Kuririn that poured on his face. Frieza has a very interesting design in my opinion, and from what he told, had a very cool backstory, such at the hint he gave towards his parents harming him as a child. Frieza also has an interesting arsenal of moves and technique to add.


10. Ninja Murasaki. To put it plain and simple, Murasaki was just a great laugh. His episode "Ninja Murasaki is Coming!", is one of the best episodes in the series, if not the best, due to the hilarious situations Murasaki gets himself into when against Goku. I love how Akira makes him satirise the cliches of a typical Ninja, and I loved how he was designed. The reason he is here is because he made me laugh, and not much else to say.

Favorite Episodes

Least Favorite Characters

I don't dislike many DB/Z/GT characters, but I will list the ones I do.


1. Gotenks - Yep. Gotenks was just really annoying. I do not mind cocky characters too much as long at they definately know they can win, and are interesting, but Gotenks was neither, and just flew off to fight Buu, despite the fact that he had managed to defeat Gohan and Vegeta. The Time chamber stuff he did was what really made me dislike him. The pretending to be low on power thing to show off was so stupid, and caused the other Z Fighters and support, including Bulma, one of the mothers of Gotenks, to be killed. I just found him very annoying to listen to also.


2. Broly- Broly annoys me also. I do not mind characters who barely speak, or are stupid, as long as they are interesting, but I found Broly to be not very interesting. His backstory I think is one of the most disappointing in the series. Hating a person because they cried when you were a baby? I just found that to be pretty silly. If some things about Broly were changed, I might have liked him.


3. Gogeta - The same stuff I said about Gotenks stay true with Gogeta, mainly in GT though, he was bearable in Fusion Reborn. Again, just like Gotenks, he knew how strong his opponent was, yet continued to play around, although at least he tried to finish of Omega before failing miserably by de-fusing.


4. Present Trunks - In the Majin Buu Saga, I just found him annoying to listen too, and I hated his attitude. He just would not shut up. In GT he did not improve much, trying to be a comedic relief in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, unfortunately, I did not find him nearly as funny as Oolong was in DB.


5. Android 17 - His attitude got on my nerves, kinda like Present Trunks, although 17 at least had a cool fight against Piccolo and got slightly cool later on.


6. Supreme Kai - I have one word that describes Supreme Kai for me. Dissapointing. Being the ruler of rulers and all, I found him to be a disappointment, and I did not like his attitude. Part of the time claiming how strong he and his race are, then the next minute being completely scared and similar things. His design though I liked.


7. Vegito - Same reasons for Gogeta, although I think Vegito is slightly better as he actually had a sort of plan by acting stupid.


8. Piano- Piano I found to be one of the most useless characters in the entire show. The things he told could were already shown on the Radar King Piccolo had, and just served no real purpose, and his ending was pretty disappointing too.


9. Goten - Same reasons as Trunks apply, although Goten was not as bad in my opinion. I hated his attitude when he first met his father, and when he had the unfair disrespect for him up until Goku showed Super Saiyan 3.


10. Pan Pan follows in her uncle and Trunks. Annoying. That seemed to be her role in GT, and I just wish she did not have such a big part. I still find it bizarre that Goku allows Pan to come with him to fight Shadow Dragons, and yet Bulma considered Vegeta not strong enough to go when he was much stronger than Pan.

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