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I have been a major fan of the Dragon Ball series even since the days of the dreaded Ocean Dub as well as seeing many japanese DBZ and GT episodes before they were even dubbed. Im a big fan of martial arts movies so I like the original Dragon Ball series the best because of its likeliness to them. I am also a big fan of Toriyama's other works especially his obscure Pre-Dragon Ball era one-shots.

I am administrator and bureaucrat of the Dirty Pair Wiki, Dr. Slump Wiki, Gatchaman Wiki, Ikkitousen Wiki, Time Bokan Wiki & Tower of Druaga Wiki

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SuperTiencha is a Citation Corps member.
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Female Characters.
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Chi-ChiChi-Chi fan.
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Master Roshi fan.
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BulmaBulma fan.
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Mercenary Tao.
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Burter fan.
Son gohan SuperTiencha will not tolerate Vandalism.
YamchaSaibamenAttackK01 SuperTiencha thinks that
Yamcha should get more respect than he actually does
Broly GM
SuperTiencha thinks that
Broly is way overpowered and really sucks.
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Popo fan.
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Android 16 fan.
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Farmer fan.
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