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Rules SuperSaiyan3Broly suggests reading the Manual of Style.
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About me

I have been a DBZ fan for about 10 years now and I didn't learn of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT until about 5 years ago. I like all three animes, but I like Dragon Ball and DBZ way more than DBGT. Goku is my favorite character of all time, but Vegeta is a close second. I like to keep all pages neutral, and keep the wiki dilemma free! User:DragonBallZGTGoku and I are both Co-Editors of the Weekly Poll. If you need any help, you could ask me on my Talk Page.

Favorite Heroes

1. Goku

2. Vegeta

3. Gohan

4. Future Trunks

5. Piccolo

6. Master Roshi

7. Krillin

8. Tien

9. Bardock

Favorite Villains

1. Cooler

2. Cell

3. Bojack

4. Ninja Murasaki

5. Baby

6. Nappa

7. Broly

8. Frieza

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