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SuperBen 1000000

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  • I live in 4321 Stupid Street located in the Milky Way
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Super Complainer
  • I am Transgender
Middle finger SuperBen 1000000 is a jacka** to everyone around him.
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Greetings, I'm SuperBen 1000000! I am an avid Dragon Ball fan since 2007 who joined wikia-now known as Fandom-in 2016. Currently, I am a student in a college/university or high school but I'm not gonna tell you which (maybe I'm both, you never know) and have extensive knowledge on HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and some knowledge on C++. Though don't ask me anything about them because like Edgar Allen Poe with his athletics, I do not exactly view my talents on coding as an achievement, at least not anymore, I view them as a curse because I used them for selfish reasons. Currently, I am an apprentice of a writer, an admired pianist learning composition and jazz theory, and a Mushin expert wannabe (because ever since the appearance of Ultra Instinct, Mushin is somewhat popular.)

About me ((Not that any of you would care to know me)

I don't wanna tell anything about my private life, but since Final and Blaziken here are misunderstanding my actions and I might get blocked, this has to be done. I'm still not gonna go through specifics, just a little about my background and why I do what I do.

I was born, well, weird. Not right would be a better word. I was diagnosed as a severe level of autism and had problems speaking since, well the beginning. If you haven't found out already, with the help of my parents, several teachers and therapists, and others I have encountered along the way, I have learned to act like a regular person, like you. My first memory of the Dragon Ball series was when I was six, when Nicktoons was airing DB episodes at night. The first episode I saw was from Dragon Ball GT, more specifically from the Baby vs Goku fight. Right then, I was already zoned into the series, because the fight scenes and especially SS4, one of my most favorite forms to this day. Ever since then, I read the manga whenever I saw them in the library I go to, watched the series, and played some of the video games and I got to say, DB in my opinion is the best franchise I have ever seen. The reason I liked Dragon Ball was because of the fight scenes, the twists, the depth of the story and the soundtrack since all of those kept me at the edge of my seat every time and while Super has these things somewhat, all of it is very predictable and focuses on humor, in which I do not like.

The first time I ever found a wiki like this was around six as well, and I was kinda interested in the wiki, and sometimes only the wiki alone. My curiosity on how templates, websites, and somewhat games were created sparked my devotion on learning how to code, with Dantman becoming a huge inspiration on my journey to become a web developer like him. Though during my teens, it ended up going south and almost ruined my entire future, as I increasingly went to the darker side of coding and was more interested in self-gain and became more cocky, mean-spirited, showy, and just an overall a**hole to everyone around me. And when I almost got, entangled for lack of a better word, I took a vow to never code as a hobby again because my coding hobby turned to be a tool for profit and I no longer desired to be a web developer but a money-making a**hole pirate.

But the main question is: Who am I now? And the answer is, well just a failure. Seriously, I really am. I barely have any real friends, and while I am trying to start over I always feel that people who know me for a long time see me as a failure and now they will always see that in me from now on. I'm barely even capable of starting over because now I literally lost interest in school, the fact that I hate doing homework makes everything sink and I would fail almost every test a class gives me. I'm honestly surprised my parents haven't thrown me off the street for losing interest of things that I used to like and have no real career path whatsoever. However, I'm grateful for anything and try to make the best out of any situation and while I at times would like to give up finding who I am and what I can do in society, and on occasion think of taking the way down to fire if you get what I mean, I cheered up recently. Swayed a bit like my cousin's words, it's kinda of a good quote actually, "Not everyone is born with a good life and you can get yourself into a bad, unlucky position, like playing cards with your mates and receiving not the best hand. But it's your choice if you want to stay with the bad life or make the best out of it, and somehow come up on top."

Now, you might be wondering, "Why the f**k should I care?" or, "How the f**k is this related to anything?", or even "Why the f**k is this even here, sympathy points?" And the answer is literally none of those things because I literally hate when people feel sorry and pity for me, it literally makes me feel even more inferior. The reason why I'm telling you parts of my life is not because I would get any gain, seriously, this took me 2 days to do even with some stolen-I mean borrowed-templates from users, is because I want you guys to understand why I do what I do, to know what made me interested in the wiki in the first place. You see, I do like the wiki, and would like to help it as much as I can, but at the same time, I just do this for fun for the most part. To get my worries about my future and my crappy life out of the picture even for a moment. And yes, my inner anger and frustration can come up at times, but I assure you, I rarely get angry online. The reason I act so "hostile" is because I care and am a critical critic. If I didn't care at all I would just let you guys do whatever you want without the turmoil of me going over and typing something. But what I want you guys to do, the point of being critical and sometimes spout insults is to prove to me that I'm wrong. Because I know that just saying you are a good contributor really doesn't mean anything unless you prove it and if you don't, you are proving that what I'm saying is true. But yes, that's who I am believe it or not. It has been a great journey with all of you even though I barely know any of you, I hope you guys learned something, understand why I do what I do, and have a great day! Feel free to go to my talk page if you would like, I'm actually a very nice guy!

Favorite characters in Dragon Ball

Baby- While I do have mixed feelings about him now, he was one of my favorite characters as a child due to his interesting concept and design as well as his complex emotions.

Frieza- Everyone likes this villain, including me! His personality is really unique and different compared to the other villains. Toriyama did a great job making him as polite as he is while making him a ruthless killer!

Tao Pai Pai- One of the most intimidating villains in all of the Dragon Ball, the original series of course. His appearnce in the show was one of the first times you see the series change into a more action packed and exciting show, as it really does make you queston, "How will Goku survive this?" Other characters I like:

Omega Shenron
Goku Black (mixed bag for me: sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't)


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