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Elder-supreme-kai This user has an advanced understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.
Kaio-ken on Namek 2


Favourite Characters

Favorite Heroes

DBZ Earth's Special Forces StratusX is a fan of the Z Fighters.
  1. Piccolo
  2. Gohan
  3. Vegeta
  4. Future Trunks
  5. Goku
  6. Goten


  7. Tien
  8. Yamcha
  9. Uub
  10. Krillin

Favourite Villains

  1. Cell
  2. Raditz
  3. Captain Ginyu
  4. Turles
  5. Super Buu
  6. Zarbon
  7. Android 17

Favourite Techniques

Kamehameha StratusX is a fan of Energy Beams!

StratusX is a Kaio-ken fan.

Power Increasers

Energy Waves/Beams/Spheres


Favourite Sagas

  1. Namek Saga
  2. Imperfect Cell Saga
  3. Captain Ginyu Saga
  4. Trunks Saga
  5. Fusion Saga


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-large--AnimePaper-scans Dragon-Ball-Z gtsayaman(1) THISRES 215457 StratusX thinks Dragon Ball Z is the best series!
Rules StratusX suggests reading the Manual of Style.
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