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" Infoboxes! You want them? Their yours, my friend! "
— SonikFan112 using a Murshu quote

" If you need help, I suggest consulting an admin, TheDarkPrinceReturns!, VEGETATheLegendarySuperSayian, or me. We all should have a good answer. "
— SonikFan giving advice

"In a world, with awesome editors, this guy isn't one of them."

Self Proclaimed Biggest Gotenks fan.
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About me


Normal Gohan ain't got nothing on him.

Hey there, I'm SonikFan112, but call me Sonik. I'm a long-time DBZ fan, and I hope to be a big help here, editing in true info, and editing out incorrect info and speculation. If you couldn't tell, I love Gotenks.


Vegito is born!

Help me, I'm surrounded by Vegeta fanboys! VEGETATheLegendary, Dark Prince, Raging Gohan, there's just no end to them! And now their irritating me to no end....

Vegeta vs Cell

Please beat him into the ground, Cell.

Check out my Fanon, Dragon Ball DL!

TONS OF THANKS to User and Admin DragonBallZGTGoku for the coding to make this page.

Majin vegeta

Vegeta's best form! Vegeta is awesome, it's his fanboys that annoy me...

My Sigs

Old One

GotenksNV SonikFan112 GotenksNV 23:26, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

New One

TeenGotenksSSJ4 SonikFan112 GotenksNV

Christmas Time

Christmas SonikFan112 Christmas

Halloween Time

510341 Dragon-Ball-Z-Halloween-Photo 400 SonikFan112 510341 Dragon-Ball-Z-Halloween-Photo 400


Gotenks? You need to cut down on the chocolate.


Um, Gotenks? What happened? Did you fuse with Elder Kai?


Third times the charm!

180px-III Cannon


My favorite characters

NOTE: Mouse over the image to see my opinion on the characters.

Gotenks ss3
Kid Trunks SS BT3
Goten SS BT3
Son Goten
Krillin holds s bomb
Gogeta 100
SSJ Gogeta
Fat Buu
Gohan greatsayman265-88
Great Saiyaman
SSJ Future Gohan badass
Future Gohan
Kid Gohan

My least favorite characters

SSJ4 Gogeta
Kid Buu
Pan BT3
Gohan greatsayman265-88

The best Gohan, in my opinion.

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