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Wassup every one im a big fan of Dragon Ball Z ,Family Guy,South Park,Courage the Cowardly Dog. I look forward to making this wiki better. I also like to play Videogames including Super Smash Brothers Brawl . I also have my own ANime Power level Channel heres the link http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/User:Soilder5679_Power_Level_Channel.

My favorite dragon ball z character is Dabura and my favorite hero is Piccolo. i really like Demons and Demon characters. I am also a rollback here.

My Favorite Characters

My Favorite characters in no order Evil Buu,Super Buu,Vegito,Gogeta,Vegeta,Teen Gohan (all forms of Gohan except for GT Gohan and Nerd Gohan),Nail,Future Trunks,Cell,Cell Jr,Piccolo,Goten,Android 16,Android 17,Future Gohan,Yajirobe,Dabura,Bojack,Zangya,Goku,Mister Popo,Broly,Bardock,Spike the Devilman,Pikkon,Supreme Kai,South Supreme Kai,Grand Supreme Kai,North Supreme Kai,West Supreme Kai,Kid and Teen Gohan,Jeice,King Kai,Janemba,Bubbles,Gregory,King Yemma,Android 19,Android 8,Korin,Tambourine,Cymbal,King Piccolo,Piano,Drum,The Ginyu Force!,Burter,Salza,Kid Buu,Tao Pai Pai,Bandages the Mummy,Android 18,Android 15,Master Roshi,Krillin,Yamcha,Tien.

My Least Favorite Characters

My Least favorite characters in no order Hercule,Pan,Videl,Kid Trunks,Yakon.

My Favorite Techniques

  1. Kaioken
  2. Masenko
  3. Special Beam Cannon
  4. Kamehameha
  5. Big Bang Attack
  6. Supernova
  7. Hyper Tornado
  8. Death Beam
  9. Salza Blade
  10. Crusher Ball
  11. Devilmite Beam

My Favorite Quotes

"I am not Goku or Vegeta, I am Gogeta! It's over Janemba, I've come for you!"

- Gogeta

"I'll win. I am Dabura. I am the demon king! I don't care how many Kilis of energy they have. There is no one in the universe who can exceed my power!"

- Dabura

"I know your kind. You think you can waltz in and just take our planet. But you forgot one thing: I'm my father's son!"

- Gohan

"No longer am I Kami or Piccolo. I am the Namek who has long since forgotten his name."

- Piccolo

My Favorite movies

My Favorite Movies in no order Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans,Coolers Revenge,The Return of Cooler,The Tree of Might,Bojack Unbound,Mystical Adventure,Broly- Legendary Super Saiyan.

My Least Favorite Movies

My least favorite movies in no order Curse of the Blood Rubies,Wrath of the Dragon,Broly : Second Coming,Bio-Broli.

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