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"'Think, before you destroy something that is not worthy of.'"
— SilverPlaqueVII

"'You're either the Nexus or you're against us!'"
— Wade Barrett, The Nexus

— CM Punk, The Nexus

Jelo Gutierrez Cantos (aka Dr. J Fresh) was born on April 26, 1993 in Batangas, Phils.) is a Dragon Ball fan who came out of "retirement" and a special person who lives in the normal streets of Scarborough in Toronto, Ontario. However, he does a little transit photography frequently and of course, discuss wrestling news to his fellow fans on WWE Universe when he watches it on TV all the time. He is the youngest child on the Cantos family (considered a sixth-generation son.)

Outside those things, he also eats food, uses computers, hangs out with friends (though a cutest girl may help when she says "hi"), watches TV, listens to music, draws completely, and of course, photography (transit-related). Being those things, he is a special-tacial frequented transit enthusiast, pro wrestling advocate

Currently, he became a Dragon Ball advocate since he watched on YTV many years ago. Eventually, a stable named in wrestling, The Nexus brought him and his interests back to pro wrestling.

148405-71349-son-goku super



"'Please don't record us!'"
— Dale Albeos, Cantos' best friend when recorded by Rochelle.

SSJ Fresh

How does it feel to see me since I watched the Ocean/Blue Water version of Dragon Ball series oon YTV ages ago?

Here are the schools I attended:

  • Batangas Day Care (1990s?)
  • St. Rose of Lima C.E.S. (1999/2000-2006/2007)
  • Jean Vanier C.S.S. (2007/2008-2010-2011, 2014-present [Night School])
  • SCAS @ Midland Avenue C.I. (2012/2013-present)
  • Birchmount Park C.I. (2013/2014 - Night School)

Character of the month

"'uhm .. i don't know who this is but i swear i took that picture and uploaded it on facebook :'"
— , Rochelle De Torres, Jelo's (Silver Fresh's) new friend who met in Feb. 2009, but commented on my DBZ vid.

"'your weird.. son like dude thaT picture is like suppose to stay on facebook'"
— Renae Denedchezhe, my new friend whose usefully making jokes of me, also commented on my DBZ vid.


Legend's Beginning of the End

Main article: Forum:Silver's_COTM

This month's character is:


Next's month's character: Vegeta

Top 20 Characters

"'i was gonna take a picture of myself and he put bunny ears on me so i took a picture of him instead (Y) haha LOSER'"
— Rochelle De Torres, commented on Russell's pic on FB.

Here's my Top 20 Characters:


He likes musical sounds and here are his examples from DBZ Soundtracks:

Lord Slug

Cooler's Revenge

  • Breaking Point - Falling Down
  • Disturbed - The Game

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

  • Haji's Kitchen - Day After Day
  • Haji's Kitchen - Lost
  • Slow Roosevelt -Boys Lie, Girls Steal

Broly: Second Coming

  • I.O.N. - Ignored


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