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"Release it Gohan! Release everything! Remember all the pain he's caused... the people he's hurt... NOW MAKE THAT YOUR POWER!!! "-Goku to Gohan in "Save the World"

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Hello World!

Hi! Im SSJSensar, I am a huge Dragonball fan and I hope I always will be. I have been a fan ever since my friend showed me the manga, once I saw it I was instantly hooked. Since then I have watched all of Dragonball Z, and GT and most of Dragonball, I will be continuing it soon. I was so happy when I found this site, I was looking forward to applying my knowlage, and helping out.

I know its not much, but I give everyone my word that I will never vandalize this site. By the way 1 other thing; Anyone can ask me questions, I think Im pretty smart at this when it comes down to it, but my answers probably won't be as good as the administrators, so I would recommend asking them first.

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Son gohan SSJSensar will not tolerate Vandalism.
DBZ Earth's Special Forces SSJSensar is a fan of the Z Fighters.
Dende SSJSensar wants to help other users!
-large--AnimePaper-scans Dragon-Ball-Z gtsayaman(1) THISRES 215457 SSJSensar thinks Dragon Ball Z is the best series!
GokuKidSuperSaiyanDBGT02 SSJSensar is very active on Dragon Ball Wiki.
Flag of the United States of America SSJSensar lives in the United States of America.

Elder-supreme-kai SSJSensar has an advanced knowledge of the
Dragon Ball Universe.
InternetExplorer7Logo SSJSensar contributes using Internet Explorer.
Z villains SSJSensar is a fan of the Villains.
Dragon Ball Characters SSJSensar loves all Dragon Ball characters!
Kamehameha SSJSensar is a fan of Energy Beams!
Supersaiyans SSJSensar is a fan of Super Saiyans.

-large--AnimePaper-scans Dragon-Ball-Z gtsayaman(1) THISRES 215457

Favorite Installment

Dragon Ball Z (Cell

Favorite Heros

-- Gogeta

-- Shenron
Dragon Ball Z 03

-- Piccolo

-- Goku

Favorite Super Saiyan Level

Super Saiyan - Yup, good ole super saiyan is my favorite (with 4 as a close second)


Favorite Villains

-- Cooler

-- Cell

-- Broly

-- Majin Buu

Favorite Techniques

-- Special Beam Cannon

-- Kamehameha

-- Final Flash

-- Flight

Favorite Fusion

Goku and Vegeta (Gogeta)

Favorite Dragon Ball

Dbz ball7
Not sure why I thought of this, or why it even matters, but my favorite would be the Seven Star Ball.

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Final Greeting

Once again, I encourage anyone with a question to feel free to ask me, even though I might not know. But one thing is for sure, if I dont know I will tell you, so you can trust me. Hope to see you around!
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