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About me

I am the prince off ALL salads! I am 16 years old, and I live in California. My favorite character is Vegeta because I like his attitude, and he shows no mercy to his enemies. Also, when I was little, I saw random episodes of DBZ on Toonami. The first one I saw was SSJ3 Kakarot fighting Super Buu. A couple years later, it was re-running the "Fighting Candy" episode, and I thought, "Wow, they've been fighting this guy for a year." A few months later, they were replaying the series, and I distinctly remembered Great Ape Vegeta crushing Kakarot, and I always thought Great Apes were awesome. My childhood memories of DBZ are all pretty much about Vegeta, (ex: Killing Cui, Zarbon, Dodoria. Fighting Frieza, etc.)



Majinvegeta225nbPrinceofallSaladsTrunks sword

Favorite Characters:

  1. Vegeta
  2. Trunks
  3. Piccolo
  4. Kakarot
  5. Zarbon
  6. Bardock
  7. Cell
  8. Frieza
  9. Future Gohan
  10. Vegito

My favorite pages

  1. Vegeta
  2. List of Characters Killed by Vegeta
  3. List of Techniques Used by Vegeta
  4. Future Trunks
  5. Zarbon
  6. The Dark Prince Returns
  7. Frieza
  8. Gohan
  9. Cell
  10. Future Gohan


  1. Final Flash
  2. Any form of Kamehameha
  3. Galick Gun
  4. Death Ball
  5. Special Beam Cannon
  6. Big Bang Attack

Majin vegeta

Favorite Transformation

I think Majin Vegeta is the best transformation, and the episodes "The Dark Prince Returns" through "Final Atonement" were the best of the series!

Dragon Ball DA

In addition to editing VEGETATheLegendarySuperSaiyan's story, Dragon Ball VT, I am writing my own story, Dragon Ball DA. Feel free to check it out. It starts out when Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan are wished back to Earth with the Namekian Dragon Balls. However, in this story, Vegeta continues his ambitions of eternal life.

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