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aka SS,Jake

  • I live in A nice,cozy cave
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Playing Soccer (American)
  • I am A guy with pink hair. DEAL WITH IT
Christmas boys 2011 011

My bros and I

best friends

leogian4511,goten66 , trunksl,jf,pablo who i have not seen in forever, buu,UG ,princess,my sis gl,


sports are huge in my life so... heres a list

chicago bulls- d rose and luol...epic

new orleans saints- DREW BREEEEEEEEESS!

new york jets- tebow

philladalphia eages- desean...yeeeeah

arsenal- the best

la galaxy- 3 of my favorite players...what more could i ask for?

barcalona- how can you not like them?

now for some players...

zidane- yeah...the best and always will be and hes my hero

messi- the best in the world right now

d rose- he inspires me to do greatness

drew brees- this guy is the reason i watch football

tebow- he is the most inspirational person ive ever seen

donavan- my idol

becham- yeeeeah buddy

van percy- this guy is a leader

dempsey- he might come to arsenal...and hes american

blanco- i grew up watching this guy...what a beast

henry- no its not henry its pronouncer ahnree...still a beast though

other stuff i like

i like pokemon,yugioh, star wars, power rangers, soccer,bionicle, and BATMAN

Favorite charecters from things

favorite pokemon- oshawott all the way,but mewtwo is a close second

favorite pokemon trainer- red...but who can blame me?

yugioh monster- rainbow neos

yugioh duelist- its a tie between jaden and jessie

superhero- batman!

star wars- skywalker...anakin skywalker

power rangers- tommy oliver,not the oldest just the best

dragon ball- i was always a fan of cooler and vegeta

bionicle- hm...ive got a few names that come to mind so...lhikan,defilak,jaller,dekar,tahu,vakama,ignika,lewa,takanuva

sonic the hedgehog- shadow and silver , ive always liked the lone wolf kind

mario- luigi...yeah i said it...

kingdom hearts- ah...great games with great charecters...riku,sora,roxas,xemnas,axel,the king

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