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aka N700, Nobody, Nobo

  • I live in None of yo beezwax
  • My occupation is Nobody
  • I am Nobody

Here are some amazing quotes from my fanfic... Nobody700: The fanfiction

Random person: Why do you call you're self a nobody!?

Nobody700: I am a nobody... So when people say nobody is a jerk of nobody is kind... I will hear it... And I will prove them right or wrong. I was born to be a nobody! I will follow it until I die!

Random person: Wow... That was gay.

Nobody700: Falcon punch!

- Nobody700: The fanfiction part 1

Nobody700: Dance... Dance... That's all you can do!

Malthor: What!?

Nobody700: Cause when I'm done with you... You never will be able to

- Nobody700: The fanfiction part 667

Gazer: Time to die!

Nobody700: Nobody can die!

Gazer: Of course!

Nobody700: Then everyone you ever killed did not die!

Gazer: Crap!

- nobody700: The fanfiction part 1,008,000

Hello, I like many series, far too much to say, but my favorites are One piece, dragon ball, GTO, and HubterxHunter.

I like:

  • Funny things
  • Hot smart funny women
  • Funny smart blogs
  • Super cool characters
  • Myself.

I dislike

  • Hot anime guys
  • Stupid ugly mean women.
  • Pointless blogs
  • People who dislike one piece
  • People who write profanity

Nobody is: A professor in nobody study, a astronaut, fan of Moe, eats at mc Donald's, Mortal enemy of Mexican funded liberal news, has a love/hate relationship with anything Canadian, and finds funny stuff funny. Nobody has mastered the KAMEHAMAHA, but needs to get the beam part right, defeated 99 Gods in chess, watched a terrible CGI whale in a terrible movie, Thinks naruto isn't about ninjas, loves to eat meat, Believes in god, Believes in Lies, and thinks Medeka box has the best Badass loser. He also loves to sing 'Cha la' when hearing a motivational speech. Lastly... He has a dream... Too become KING OF THE NOBODY'S!


Nobody is a arrogant jerk, but even he could sacrifice his pride to have fun.

He is very perverted, and loves to bump into things, he is a admin at some wikis, and a hated one at another wiki.

NobodyKumagawa Nobody700 04:08, June 27, 2013 (UTC)

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