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About me

My name is james. I love videogames. Dragonballz is my all time favorite show. I love music. And hanging out with friends. And of course i love nappa. I also wish vegeta never killed nappa and they could have remained partners. Or atleast in gt nappa would've used his head a bit and became friends with vegeta again instead of attacking him. I also have a youtube account (506corvette) though i haven't been going on it as much since i got a dragonballwikia account. I'm also in the process of making 5 new vids when i get my camera back. I aso like hanging out with my cousins. When Medal of Honor came out me and my cuz played it for 2 hrs and beat it. :)Nappa506contribs 23:37, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

My favorite pages

My favorite ps3 videogames

  • my favorite ps3 videogame would have to be out of call of duty4, and modern warfare 2.
  • I like midnight club (also liked midnightclub 3 for ps2.)
  • I used to like the football games but i've played them so much there getting boring.
  • And i loved dragonballz games for ps2.
  • I also want dragonball raging blast.
  • Any dbz games for ps3 will be awesome.
  • Im going to try dbz online when it comes.
  • Fall out 3
  • Gears of war


The first time i saw dbz is about 7 years ago. Lucky i started waching it from the beggining. And goku and piccolo was fighting raditz. And when vegeta and nappa came to earth they became my all time favorite villian team. I remember waching the episode goku was coming and i wondered if he could defeat vegeta and nappa. I had to start back going to school becouse it was late summer they started airing it. So right when goku was about to take on nappa i had to go to bed. I was so mad. Even though nappa and vegeta scouter are weak compared to the new villians they were still strong for there time. And vegeta kept getting stronger while nappa was in HFIL. I continued to wach the rest of the show. And the funniest part was in the cell saga when the military attacked cell. And i couldn't beleve someone as goofy as recoome was beating vegeta. And i heard dbkai will be aired on nickelodeon. I cant wait if it does. I also dont really like the heroes that much.


I love sports. My favorite sport would have to be football. Basket ball is ok but i don't really like baseball. We allways play dodgeball in school it's cool.Running track at school is also fun. I also like swimming it's cool. And me and my cousins always throw the football.


My sig is Nappa506contribs 18:42, April 7, 2010 (UTC)


  • goku
  • vegeta
  • piccolo
  • gohan
  • trunks
  • goten
  • ubb
  • krillin


  • nappa
  • vegeta (scouter)
  • brolly
  • cell
  • frieza
  • zarbon
  • dodoria
  • kid buu
  • majin buu
  • dabura
  • captain ginyu
  • bojack
  • android 17
  • android 16
  • raditz
  • omega shenron
  • super 17

Dr slump

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