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"No matter what you will do, you should learn from your previous mistakes and make better decisions in future. "

Since you're reading this.... I guess that I should say a word or two about myself...

My story with Dragon Ball became when I was like 5... When Dragon Ball Z was broadcasted in my country with horrible dub and kinda enjoyable opening on RTL7 channel. <-- This one.  Anyway, I've seen only parts of Frieza saga/Cell saga/ending of Z and GT... And I hate GT... Even more than Dragon Ball Evolution.

The point is that after growing up a bit, I've learned more about DB from Budokai Tenkachi 3 story mode, and then rewatched it with my brothers...

After few years... Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods and Ressurection of F movies came. I liked them, they had this "happy vibe" that GT was lacking... When Super was annouced, I was happy, and afraid at the same time due to the worries that, it might have "bad art" due to TOEI annoucing it only few months before broadcasting on TV... I was right. After the BoG and RoF arcs in horrible quality... The good stuff came, and I was happy... I still am. Sure DBS had it flaws but it also had a lot of pros. It had characters that I've started loving and it also revived DB after so long. So yea, I'm a DBS type of a guy.

Now for my list of fav characters from DB series.... Here you go
  1. Fused Zamasu - I just love his concept. His backstory, motivations, overall behavior... Sadly the ending of his arc could be handled better, but hey in the end he won... right? You might ask, about backstory while shaking your head... "What backstory, he's the fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu" Well... Yea, but both of those characters are really... the same. So them fusing creates only more powerful, elegant version of the same character. Even If I wasnt counting the Merged Zamasu, Goku Black or Zamasu by himself would took a nr 1 spot anyway.
  2. Gine/Future Mai - Yes... I really like both of those characters, and cant pick which one I'll prefer over another so I'll stick them together. Why do I like them? Well that's simple, both of them are genuine, kind, unique characters that had a big impact on the story, and keept fighting even while not having any chances against their opponent. Mai against Black, and Gine against Frieza (Well she wasnt fighting in the traditional fashion, but she sended her son, Goku on a different planet to save him, and she changed Bardock's heart).
  3. Lapis - Also known as Android 17. Yes, I always liked how he acted in DBZ... and hated what they did with him in GT... But I've never felt that there was anything special about him. I was kinda surprised when he was chosen as warrior for Tournament of Power, and yet he overcame any expectations that I had for him. He became one of my fav characters in the entire series, and I will remember him for who he is.... MVP of DBS series.
  4. Tien Shinhan - Old dog from first series... I've always liked Tien for his determination and serious behavior during DB and DBZ. His scene when he stopped Cell was one of the greatest moments of this character, but that wasn't the scene that made me like him as a character. I started to be fan of Tenshinhan when he defeated Goku during Martial Arts Tournament. It wasnt just a win... It was one of the luckiests win that he ever had. After that "victory" he was willing to give half of his  winning prize and he himself, stated that he doesnt count that as a win. Yes, that moment showed me that Tien is a humble and honorable warrior who will either win fairy or won't accept it at all. I was happy when he came back in RoF to take out some Frieza soliders... and was kinda sad how he was treated in the anime on ToP... but hey... he did something... unlike the manga :< 
  5. Beerus - There's a lot of reasons why he takes the nr 5 spot on my list. I like this character not only because of his personality and overall power, but for the lore that he brought with himself. His appearance and overall story in BoG gave us new heights for our protagonists to reach, new characters, arcs... New everything... Beerus might be a God Of Destruction... But he did the work of the Kaioshin, because he revived DB as a franchise.
  6. Katopesla - I know you might be thinking that I'm trolling... But... I just love this guy. I love every single segment with him in ToP... Gags, his fights, abilities... And he's not just a character made to make one gag and get knocked off the arena (That would be Dr. Rota) he was capable of fighting against Super Saiyan Vegeta and few other characters... While presenting some amazing movies... His Special Attack ? Amazing.... And how could we forget about MOOOOOODOOOO CHANGE!
  7. Cabba/Bergamo - Universe 6 and 9. I always liked Cabba, sure he's this standard "shounen protagonist" type of a character, but is that really that bad? If you think about it he's kinda unique... for a saiyan. Bergamo? I like him for design, personality and overall display of abilities showed against Goku. I was always a big fan of werewolves so... I guess that brought him a few points.
  8. Bardock -  The father of goku. The average warrior but brilliant scientist! Bardock did something that I've always loved in characters, (as you might saw in egzample provided above) he stood and fought against Frieza and his army, without any chance of victory. And then he died as a hero, knowing that he and his wife sent Goku to another planet where Kakarotto will survive... He was one of the few saiyans with good heart (Due to Gine influence).... 
    Or you can also pick the version in which he gets time powers, gets to the past, achieves Super Saiyan... Becames time breaker with SSJ3 and 4.... I like any Bardock version to be honest.
  9. Future Trunks/Tapion - Swords...
  10. Liqueer - Fox (Almost werewolf) that can make a Ki Sword....

Now for my list of fav techniques from DB series.... Here you go
  1. Sickle of Sorrow - I just love Alteration-type ki manipulation techniques and after I saw how Goku Black upgraded it, I fell in love.
  2. Super Black Kamehameha - I'm not a fan of normal Kamehameha, it's one of the most basic Ki Waves attack... However Pink Kamehameha... HELL YEA!
  3. Savage Strike - Ki Enchanted Fist? Yes please!
  4. Android Barrier - You can use it for anything! Protection? Checked. Offense? Checked. Trapping Jiren inside? Checked.
  5. Katopesla The Final Mission - There's just something unique in this attack.
  6. Destruction - Yep... yep.
  7. Godly Display -  Just look it up.
  8. Full Power Charge - You cant do a thing without it.
  9. Meteor Break - FINISH HIM

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