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Badass gohan

Gohan being badass

About Me

I am 14 years old and I live in the United States and I am half greek half catholic (Greeks represent!). I first saw Dragon Ball Z on Toonami and have been hooked ever since. I have seen every Dragon Ball Z episode and am now trying to see all the GT and dragon ball episodes. Besides Dragon Ball Z my hobbies are chilling with friends, playing football, and swimming.My birthday is March 10, 1996. Dragon Ball Z has affected me very much and I even have my own weighted vest to help me with my speed and strength. I can't wait to start contributing to this wiki so I'll see u around the site!

My Favorite Characters

1. Gohan (Any and all forms including future gohan. He's badass)

2. Goku (It's Goku enough said)

3. Vegeta (The only person who can rival Goku in power)

4.Piccolo (The dude who taught Gohan how to fight and he died a noble death)

5. Future Trunks (He's been through a lot and is badass. Plus he's got a sword)

6. Bardock (He was a saiyan badass that went out like a badass)

7. Tapion (He reminds me of Future Trunks)

8.Omega Shenron (The strongest villian in the seris. And he's not too cocky)

9. Kid Buu (The definition of a badass villian.)

10. Broly (The legendary super sayian)

My Least and Only Favorite Character and Why

1. Marron- All she does is shop. She has done nothing in the seris and doesn't even have a kick-ass attitude like her mom.

Why GT is a Bad Seris

Now don't get me wrong, I like the plot in GT a lot. There's just so many plot holes that contradict everything in Dragon Ball Z. Like how Friezea and Cell can't die when they're dead but Vegeta can. And what happened to Gohan being stronger than a Super Sayian 3? And if Dende created new Dragon Balls, how come negative energy from the old dragon balls got in the new ones? Doesn't make sense.

My Favorite Cartoon Shows

1.Dragon Ball Z (Duh)

2. Dragon Ball (Like the comedy and action)

3. Dragon Ball GT (Like the plot not the holes)

4. Avatar (Awesome seris and great ending)

5. Early Spongebob (We've all watched it once in our life so don't hate)

6. Family Guy (Funny as hell)

7. South Park (Not as funny as Family Guy but still pretty funny)



He really has no idea wats about to happen. He's still awesome though

Goku v vegeta

Goku and Vegeta being awesome

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Piccolo going out like a badass

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