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You better readmy books, andsee the crappy movies alsoPheonix Crew finished by DestinyBlue.jpg    


About Me :D

In Relationship with: Married to Goku777 <3

Fav Color: Red

Home: Texas

Family: Mother, Father, and Twin-sister

Pets: Main: Cocoa, Coca, Brownie, Cream, Non-Main: all the rest of the dogs xD oh and two rats named Ceasar Salad and Jack Daniels

Fav Actvities: Computer, Writing, Reading, No School

Likes: Feeling BA >:D

Dislikes: Feeling Sick

Fav Books: PJO, Kane Chronicles, Bella at Midnight, Dragonfly, The Immortal Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, ectera.

Fav Mythologies: Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, ect.

Fav Quotes "Ya know something I actually wonder why you were stalking me in the cruise while I was taking a shower....o.o

Or haunting me


Poor me ._.

What did you see?! o.o" ~Goku777

"I'm stuck to the bed xD" ~Mcleo1


"They never said it was illegal (troll)" ~Vegito 7900

"Miricle1778: Hey Ian, I gotta PM you

Vegito 7900: ....wut

~Vegito 7900 got there ass kicked by Miricle1778~



Miricle1778: Wrong button" ~Miricle1778, Vegito 7900, and Goten66

"MAKE ME INTO PI!!!" -Kirby2k14

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 20, 1999
Current age 13
Gender Female
Family Mom, Dad, Twin sister
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Alias Ever, Ella, Crazy chick
Affiliation N/A
Weapons Dagger
Species Human
Home Texas
Appearances PJO wiki, ect.
Quests None