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Hello, my name is Mariofan45. I first came from Fantendo. My favorite character from the Dragon Ball series is Future Gohan and my least favorite character is Pan.

Elder-supreme-kai This user has an advanced understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.

Son gohan Mariofan45 will not tolerate Vandalism.
GokuKidSuperSaiyanDBGT02 Mariofan45 is very active on Dragon Ball Wiki.
Dragon Ball Characters Mariofan45 loves all Dragon Ball characters!
GokuEndofDB Mariofan45 is a
Goku fan.
FutureGohan Mariofan45 is a
Future Gohan fan.
VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03 Mariofan45 is a
Vegeta fan.
Piccoloface Mariofan45 is a
Piccolo fan.
Future Trunks Mariofan45 is a
Future Trunks fan.
Trunks photo Mariofan45 is a
Trunks fan.
Galic Gun Mariofan45 knows the
Galick Gun and nearly defeated Kakarot with it.
PiccoloSpecialBeamCannonK Mariofan45 knows
Special Beam Cannon and killed Raditz with it.
Muten-Rôshi photo This user has a basic understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.
Goku kamehameha1 Mariofan45 learned the
Kamehameha from Master Roshi and put out the fire on Fire Mountain!
Kamehameha Mariofan45 is a fan of Energy Beams!
Tien10 Mariofan45 is a
Tien Shinhan fan.
Supersaiyans Mariofan45 is a fan of Super Saiyans.
Son Goten as a child Mariofan45 is a
Goten fan.
Bardock Mariofan45 is a
Bardock fan.
Pan BT3 Mariofan45 is a
Pan fan.

List of Dragon Ball series installments I have

This is a start of my Dragon Ball series installments I currently have in my library. I now have all of the DBZ installments for the Game Boy Advance.

DS DB Games

PSP DB Games

PS3 DB Games

Xbox 360 DB Games

PS2 DB Games

Wii DB Games

Arcade DB Games


Xbox DB Games

Sega Return DB Games

Gamecube DB games

GBA DB Games

PS1 DB games

DB Games I am looking forward to

Well, great news, as of October 5, 2005, I finally have a GBA system. So I will keep tabs I DB games that are going to be released (or something like that).

Well, here they are, in terms of priority:

HIGH PRIORITY: Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2



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