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About meEdit

Just a regular, nice and friendly guy. I can tolerate and often appreciate jokes, mild insults and criticism, but I really dislike butt-hurt fanatical/emotional/retarded fans who dick-ride one character and hate another for no good reason (hence, those with good reason don't count). I deeply deplore racism/bigotry, although I don't particularly like the human race (however, disliking one's own race doesn't count).

Other than some awesome moves in DBGT (most notably Big Bang Kamehama, Dragon Fist and Final Shine), I only consider DB and DBZ to be the authentic story line, although I do not consider the DB and DBZ films, with the exception of: "Bardock:Father of Goku", "History of Trunks", "Episode of Bardock" and "Battle of Gods" (perhaps also "Yo Son Goku and his Friends return", since I like the idea of Vegeta having a little brother).

DBGT is largely crap and filled with plot holes and a shitty storyline in general, with idiotic scenes and poor themes (although I do like the DBGT opening song very much - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, its THE BEST opening song of ANY ANIME EVER). The only thing awesome about DBGT is SSJ4, SSJ4 fusion and Nuova Shenron (he's got awesome moves, he's super fast and he's extremely honourable in battle). I like Super 17 too, he's a complete bad-ass, but the only problem is that 2 Android 17s fused shouldn't even be as powerful than Perfect Cell (who has the powers of Cell, Android 17 and Android 18), let alone Vegeta or Gohan. Goku owns Perfect Cell as a little child in hell, but as an SSJ4 he ends up fighting an extremely difficult downhill battle against Super 17, which he only wins because of Android 18 keeps him distracted with energy attacks.


Protagonists (excludes fusions and GT)Edit

Protagonists I like are usually the ones that are hardcore, honourable, train extremely hard, love a challenge, are courageous, fight to their very limits and beyond, are willing to sacrifice themselves and fight to protect innocents. Plus they've got awesome moves.

1. Vegeta - Hardcore, battle tactician, never gives up, trains beyond his limits and always loves a good challenge. Additionally, he has some awesome moves up his sleeves, most notably Final Flash. His pride prevents him from being controlled by others and he is able to choose what he does, even when possessed by Babidi. Sacrifices himself against Buu to try and save his family, friends and Earth. Goes crazy when Bulma is hit and momentarily jumps to a power level well beyond Goku's SSJ3, despite only being at SSJ2.

2. Goku - Innocently unusual and hilarious when introduced to Dragon Ball, unaware of even the most basic societal norms. Pure-hearted, almost always one-step ahead of Vegeta, pushes himself to the next level through intense training and the desire to protect the innocent. Always fair and honourable in battle. Let's himself be killed in order to defend Earth from the exploding Cell. Unwilling to throw the spirit bomb at Kid Buu, while Vegeta's life is in jeopardy because of it. Best scene in DB when he explodes into SSJ, after Krillin is murdered by Frieza.

3. Piccolo - Has a unique way of amplifying his skill via meditation and has awesome moves, most notably, Makankosapo (sounds far better than "Special Beam Cannon"). His attire is probably the best among any character in DBZ. Honourable - sacrifices himself to save his young pupil Gohan. Awesome scenes when he fuses with Nail and later Kami and Piccolo vs. Android 17 is one of the very best fights in all of DBZ.

4. Future Trunks - Genuinly nice, likeable guy. Born and raised under tragic circumstances, yet never deterred from his goal of ridding the world off the evil Androids. Epic and powerful scene when he turns SSJ  after seeing Gohan's dead body, after he's murdered by the Androids. Also a great scene when he turns SSJ in front of mecha-Frieza and you see the fear in Frieza's eyes, being reminded of Goku. A powerful warrior and probably the closest thing to "normal" in terms of personality, not a lost case with a ridiculously crazy appetite like Goku and Gohan, obsessed about himself like Bulma or stuck-up and arrogant like Vegeta.

5. Tien Shinhan - His solar flare and tri-beam attacks are epic, no other words to describe them, especially tri-beam. The nature of tri-beam allows him to be of use against opponents far above his level, such as Semi-Perfect Cell and Super Buu (Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed). Shows true honour when he puts his life at risk to prevent Semi-Perfect Cell from absorbing Android 18 and holds him off for as long as possible with his awesome tri-beam attacks, despite the vast difference in their strengths. Probably the strongest human there is (if he's human).

6. Mr. Popo - Kami's assistant and Goku's first teacher after his awesome battle with King Piccolo. He has Goku completely outclassed as far surpasses his abilities. Goku's progress vastly increases after the 3 years of training under Popo and he gains some superb abilities, such as Ki attacks. He also helps train the Z fighters for the upcoming Saiyan attacks and their abilities spike to whole new levels after they undergo his training. He also helps collect the Dragon Balls, used to revive the people of Namek killed by Frieza and his henchmen.

7. Pikkon - A filler character, but still a bad-ass. Destroys Perfect Cell, along with King Cold and Frieza with extreme ease, as if they were nothing. Has awesome moves, especially the Thunder Flash Attack.

8. King Kai - Funny as hell (especially with his voice in the Funimation dub), great martial arts teacher and capable of linking together people far away from each other. His Kaio-Ken technique causes Goku's skill and power to radically accelerate - though starting out much weaker than Vegeta in their first battle, the Kaio-Ken along with Dr. Brief's gravitron allows Goku to multiply his power rapidly, eventually making even Captain Ginyu suffer a nervous breakdown. The best Kaio-Ken's for me are the Kaio-Kenx4 Kamehameha which was able to over-power Vegeta's Galick gun and the Kaio-Kenx20 strikes and Kamehameha, which made 50% powered Frieza realise that he'd never faced a warrior as powerful as Goku.

9. Grandpa Gohan - Found and adopted Goku. Taught him his very first basic Martial Arts manouvers and even though he knew that Goku, unintentionally caused his death, he did his utmost to hide this from Goku after seeing him again. Even after his death, he returned to Earth and after surrendering to Goku as the masked fighter, he told him to overcome his one weakness, his tail.

10. Master Roshi - Often perverted, shameless and dispicable, but not without being funny as hell, especially with that perverted laugh of his. A great Martial Arts master and Goku's second trainer. Teacher of both Ox-King and Gohan. His training of Goku and Krillin (and later Yamcha) always brings back the great classical moments of DB. He's also awesome as Jackie Chun in the World Martial Arts Tournament. One of the best scenes in DB is when he sings "A Martial Artist's life is the only life for me" and kid Goku joins him. In DBZ he continues to look on at the progress and challenges confronting his students, who've all long exceeded his very best abilities by far, as well as the other Z fighters.

11. Bulma - The first human Goku ever saw besides his grandpa. Introduces kid Goku to a new adventurous life, which sets the stage for the awesome journey throughout DB and DBZ. She's super-smart and her moments in DB are unforgettable classics. Whines and comlains very frequently, but does so in an extremely humourous manner. Plays major roles in the Pilaf Saga, Red Ribbon Saga and the Frieza Saga. Starts off partnering up with Yamcha, but later drops him for Vegeta (being drawn towards his relentless, hardcore and ambitious personality). Brings out the very best in Vegeta, a momentary rage power far beyond even Goku's SSJ3 power. Her role in Vegeta's life changes him from an arrogant egotistical ruthless Saiyan Prince into a genuine hero that fights to protect the innocent and lead the Z-Fighters in Goku's absence (Battle of Gods) and makes him realise power levels far greater than he ever could as the cold-blooded killer he was before.

12. Bardock - Always a cold-blooded Saiyan warrior who had no regard or thought for those he and his team conquered and annihilated, all for expanding Frieza's empire. Despite this, however, he always had a strong sense of comradeship and when his companions were betrayed and murdered by Frieza he did all he could to make things right, not only for the sake of the misled Saiyan race, but for all those murdered by them for Frieza's greed. At the very last minute, he transformed from a villain into a genuine hero, after envisioning his son Goku, telling him that it wasn't to late to change and be different from Frieza, i.e. fight for the right cause. After being send back through time, he meets the native race (the Plant people) on what later becomes Planet Vegeta. Though initially uncaring for the Plant people, one Plant child deeply looks up to Bardock and when he sees him injured by the rutheless Lord Chilled, he transforms into the legendary Super Saiyan warrior and obliterates Frieza's ancestor with his radical new powers.

13. Master Mutaito - Extremely skilled and honourable warrior who sacrificed his life to imprison the evil King Piccolo for centuries, until the latter was freed by Emperor Pilaf. When kid Goku was sent to an illusionary past to train with Mutaito, the master handled Goku extremely well, but saw an amazing level of potential in him, deciding to teach him the basis behind his Ki attacks, which become an extremely useful asset for Goku later on.

14. Korin - Goku's third teacher. A cat that lives below Kami's lookout. Grows senzu beans, without which the Z Fighters wouldn't have gotten very far at all. His training of Goku in just 3 days transforms the young child into a true warrior, who is then able to easily out-perform the powerful hitman Mercenary Tao, whom he stood no match for before.

15. Kami - The pure-hearted Guardian of Earth. Creator of the Dragon Balls on Earth. Survived the natural disaster that destroyed Namek and was sent to Earth with no memory of his home-planet. An extremely gifted warriors In his original Super-Namekian form, he had unbelievably great power and could've defeated any form of Frieza or even an ordinary Super Saiyan had he been in this form.

16. Guru - The father of the Namekian race on the planet Namek. Honourable, wise and has great talents. Able to bring to life the hidden powers of all those with pure-hearts, which makes Krillin and especially Gohan far stronger than ever before and able to give trouble to the insidious Guldo and later to Frieza himself.

17. Nail - The most gifted among all Namekian warriors, about as powerful as key members of the illustrious Ginyu Force. Always determined to defend Guru and work towards the welfare of his people. He becomes fatally wounded to a point extremely near death, but is later encountered by the newly-revived and re-vitalised Piccolo, who reluctantly fuses with him to become far stronger than ever before, powerful enough to fight evenly with Frieza's second form.

18. Gohan - Would've put him far higher, probably in the top 5 if he had remained the awesome warrior he was as the child who cracked Raditz' armour with an intense rage attack, kicked Dodoria away in an act of supreme courage, in order to save Dende whose life was being threatened, caused great trouble for Frieza in both his second and third forms and best of all, humiliated and eventually defeated the sinister Perfect Cell, all of which are superb unforgettable moments in DBZ. Despite becoming a nerd afterwards, after his hidden powers are released by Old Kai, he returns to the badass warrior he was against Cell, easily picking apart Super Buu, whose stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, however, he returns to his life of mediocrity and abandons the life of the great warrior he once was.

19. Krillin - The 2nd best human-warrior, after Tien. Goku's best friend, whose death results in the former transforming into the legendary Super Saiyan warrior, in the most epic seen in DB/DBZ history. His Kienzan is truly an epic move that cuts through fighters far stronger than himself, such as Nappa and Frieza.

20. Dende - Extremely gifted child who becomes the Guardian of Earth. He has great moments in the Frieza Saga, healing Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo and reluctantly Vegeta, all of which are pivotal in their efforts against the tyrannical monster.

Honourable mentions: Ox-King, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Goten, Trunks, Android 16 and Launch.

Note: I would have put Gohan in the top 5, if he became a bad-ass warrior instead of a nerd. I had Future Gohan as #5 before, but thought it best to include only characters who directly affected the main timeline of DBZ, otherwise it would complicate things too much. Nuova Shenron's also one of my favourite protagonists and antagonists, but I excluded GT for good reason. I also like Nam very much (because he's honourable, pure-hearted and determined to help his people), but I wouldn't quite call him a protagonist, since he was never given a role in helping out the Z Fighters.

Antagonists (excludes GT)Edit

Antagonists I like are bad-ass, super-powerful against the Z fighters of their time, fight awesome battles and are ruthless. However, I also like Antagonists that show honour in battle (like Beerus). I hate cowards though, they sicken me to the very core. I also like antagonist who win their first battle or fight a winning battle against a protagonist or anti-hero, but are later outclassed by said protagonist/anti-hero either in a rematch or the same fight.

1. Beerus
2. Frieza
3. Vegeta
4. Piccolo
5. Tien Shinhan
6. Cell
7. Android 17
8. Kid Buu
9. King Piccolo
10. Super Buu

Honourable mentions (in order): Tambourine, Mercenary Tao, Raditz, Android 18, Android 19, Zarbon, Ginyu Force, Nappa, and General Blue.

Note: I would have Broly in the top 10, but I excluded him, because I don't like the idea of the "Legendary Super Saiyan" being a special entity/concept of its own. I prefer Goku being the "Legendary Super Saiyan" whom Frieza feared. That said, however, I do love the first Broly film (the other 2, especially the third, were no good) and love Broly's awesome powers.

Fights (excludes GT)Edit

I love epic old-school, classic DB and DBZ battles from the 80s and 90s the most, especially the long-hard grueling battles, where both warriors fight to their very limit (e.g. Goku vs. Tien Shinhan, Goku vs. Piccolo and Piccolo vs. Android 17). Additionally, I also like rematches, where the loser of the first battle gains dominance over the winner (e.g. Goku vs. Mercenary Tao and Vegeta vs. Zarbon). Furthermore, I love battles where the hero is completely outclassed, stands no chance and is forced to step outside his limits (e.g. Vegeta and Goku against Beerus), plus battles where the villain keeps getting hit with critical and fatal blows, but seems to keep getting up and creating havoc on the heroes (e.g. Vegeta and Frieza).

1. Z Fighters vs Frieza
2. Z Fighters vs. Vegeta
3. Gohan vs. Cell
4. SSJ God Goku vs. Beerus
5. Vegeta vs. Beerus
6. Goku vs. Piccolo
7. Goku vs. Tien Shinhan I
8. Vegito vs. Ultimate Buu
9. Future Trunks vs. Frieza and King Cold
10. Goku vs. Vegeta II
11. Piccolo vs. Android 17
12. Vegeta vs. Semi-Perfect Cell
13. Ultimate Gohan vs. Super Buu
14. Vegeta vs. Zarbon I
15. Vegeta vs. Zarbon II
16. Piccolo vs. Frieza
17. Gohan vs Frieza
18. Goku vs. Ginyu Force
19. Vegeta vs. Jeice
20. Tien Shinhan vs. Semi Perfect Cell

Honourable mentions (in order): Vegeta vs. Android 19, Vegeta vs. Dodoria, Vegeta vs. Cui, Goku vs. Tien Shinhan II, Goku vs. Mercenary Tao I, Goku vs. Mercenary Tao II, Goku vs. King Piccolo I, Goku vs King Piccolo II, Goku vs. Tambourine I, Goku vs. Tambourine II and Piccolo vs. Android 20/Dr. Gero.

Attacks (includes GT and fusion moves)Edit

1. Big Bang Kamehameha
2. Tri-beam
3. Dragon Fist
4. Final Flash
5. Kaio-Ken
6. Makankosappo (sounds a lot better than Special Beam Cannon)
7. Galick Gun
8. Final Shine Attack
9. Kienzan (Destructo Disk sounds like some shitty Harry Potter spell)
10. Spirit Ball

Honourable mentions (in order): Big Bang Attack, Solar Flare, Spirit bomb, Kamehameha, Masenko, Makosen, Dodon RaySuper Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Wolf Fang Fist.

Note: I included GT and Fusion moves, because there's some superb moves in both cases, as seen above.


1. Frieza Saga
2. Vegeta Saga
3. Tien Shinhan Saga
4. King Piccolo saga
5. Piccolo Jr. Saga
6. Battle of Gods
7. Goku vs. The Red Ribbon Army
8. Androids Saga
9. Cell Saga
10. Buu Saga

Strongest (no filler)Edit

Z FightersEdit

1. Goku
2. Vegeta
3. Gohan
4. Gotenks
5. Buu
6. Piccolo
7. Android 18
8. Tien Shinhan
9. Krillin
10. Yamcha

Note: Trunks and Goten are excluded, instead I just used Gotenks.


1. Beerus
2. Buu (no complications, just Buu)
3. Cell (again no complications)
4. Dabura (only because Cell can regenerate himself)
5. Android 17 (16 never was really an enemy)
6. Android 18
7. Yakon
8. Android 20/Dr. Gero
9. Android 19
10. Frieza


Characters in general (excludes GT)Edit

I'm not a hater, so I do find this quite hard, however the ones I do hate are cowards, shameless frauds, blind sheep and/or detestable scum in general, thus I'd have say:

1. Idasa and Ikose's Mother - Filthy, messed-up pathetic excuse for a mother. She's annoying, stuck-up, has the manners of a pig and is plain ugly. She messes up her children too and helps that jackass Babidi, telling him about Capsule Corporation, where Trunks lives. I guess that can be justified, since doing so may well prevent further destruction, but she sucks up to Babidi as well, telling him to gives Trunks what he deserves etc. despite all the people who died, because of him. I like when Chichi punches her in her ugly face.

2. Babidi - A filthy coward who talks big, is arrogant and narcissistic, but runs like a little b**ch everytime two powerful forces collide near him (e.g. Vegeta vs. Buu and Goku vs. Buu). I really like when Piccolo slices him in half and Buu disintegrates his filthy corpse after killing him.

3. Dabura - Would've made a great villain earlier on in the series, since he's as strong as Perfect Cell (or so Goku says in the Manga). I don't like his cowardice though. He runs from battle, knowing that he can turn Vegeta over to Babidi's side and also knowing that if Vegeta stepped in, he'd be finished very quickly. His devotion to Babidi also sickens me, especially since he continues serving his interests, even after being betrayed by him. Oh, and Dabura turning into a pansy in other world is all filler crap, which I hate and do not consider (don't get me wrong, most DB/DBZ fillers are awesome, but this one is among the few I deeply hate).

4. Hercule's fans (most humans) - Totally related to Hercule. I hate his fans, the word 'gullible' doesn't even begin to describe their sheer stupidity and foolishness. I, especially hate the fact that they ignore the pleas of Vegeta and Goku, who've been the ones fighting Buu since the beginning, while rushing to give their energy at that idiot Hercule's request. His fans are even worse than he is, because of their sheer stupidity.

5. Hercule - A useful character, no doubt, he indirectly helps Gohan ascend to SSJ2, turns Fat Buu peaceful and uses his fraudulent influence over the Earth, to help Goku gather energy for the spirit bomb. I'll give him that. In addition, he is often quite amusing with his idiotic behaviour and statements/declarations. But he's still a fraud and a jackass, especially since he takes credit for beating Cell and is still able to live with himself, after lying and deceiving his followers (most of humanity).

Note: Even though Oolong and Yajirobe are cowards, I don't really mind them, especially since they're old time DB characters, who have epic unforgettable classical moments and thus I just find it too hard to hate them. Chichi is annoying, since Gohan turns into a nerd because of her, however, at the same time, I find her behaviour quite funny at times and she too is an old time DB character (I do, however, like Bulma a lot more).

Selected Images (incomplete)Edit

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Dragon Ball (not perfectly ordered)Edit

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Dragon Ball Z (sections arranged in order of episode)Edit

Infant GokuEdit


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Super Saiyan VegetaEdit

Toddler GohanEdit

This is before Piccolo trains him face-to-face.

Kid GohanEdit

This is up the the time Gohan begins his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Pre-teen GohanEdit

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The AndroidsEdit




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