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I am KillRoy231, formerly known as Ghostkaiba297. I've been editing articles for the better since before I got an account, but Ghostkaiba297 was born when I got an account on the Horror Film Wiki to change some misleading information about Hellraiser: Bloodline, and since Ghostkaiba297 is on one, he is now on all similar wiki sites. My favorite animes are Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Monster Rancher.

Belief over canon debates

In my opinion, the Garlic Jr. Saga is canon and the dark universe of Dragonball GT is non-canon.

Favorite number

My second most favorite number is 231, which, strangely enough, is the episode number of Buu's Mutiny, where Buu kills Babidi. However, my favorite number is 17, because Android 17 is cool.

Favorite Hero

I think it would have to be a tie between Vegeta (he might be a jerk sometimes but I still think he's cool) and Trunks (Future Trunks, of course, he killed Frieza).

Favorite Villain

I think Cell is kinda cool, but the reason I started playing the Tenkaichi series was because Garlic Jr. was in it. Although I would like to see Spice in the game very much, and I barely resisted the urge to cuss Atari up when they didn't put Spice in Tenkaichi 3. I like Vinegar about as much as Spice, but I think my favorite villain would actually have to be Oggers, Frieza's henchman who tries out for the Ginyu Force.

Favorite moments

  • When Strock, Strong, Goose, and Oggers are trying out for the Ginyu Force, and Ginyu kills them cause they lacks style (and cause Strong is also a captain, albeit of a different kind than Ginyu). Episode 53, Goku... Super Saiyan?
  • When Buu and Babidi crash through a building and Babidi gets a papercut (Episode 224, Find the Dragon Balls)
  • When Vegeta fights Yajirobe in Episode 26, The Battle Ends
  • When Trunks kills Frieza (Episodes 105 and 106, Another Super Saiyan and Welcome Back Goku)
  • The entire ending sequence of the fight with Kid Buu, particularly Hercule telling everyone to give up energy for Goku's Spirit Bomb, and Goku finally killing Kid Buu
  • Frieza getting beat up by Goku (during the Frieza Saga)
  • Cell getting beat up by Gohan (during the Cell Games Saga)
  • Super Buu getting beat up by Vegito (during the Fusion Saga)
  • The scene where Goku is spinning around on the pole to turn off the gravitron at 100 times gravity (Episode 44, A Heavy Burden)
  • The entire Dead Zone scene on Episode 101, Brief Chance for Victory
  • When Yajirobe says "I'm so hungry and I'm cold!" (episode 120, Deadly Beauty)
  • When Dende sets Hercule down and he lands on a rock (Episode 254, Meet Vegito)
  • Yamcha chickening out in Episode 224, Find the Dragonballs, because of the long drop
  • When Greger is eaten by Yetti after being thrown into the Pit (Episode 7, Trouble on Arlia)
  • Goku biting Frieza's tail in Episode 74, Frieza's Boast, and then biting Kid Buu's head in Episode 265, Vegeta's Respect
  • Vegeta killing Cui (he attacked the Invisible Spaceship People's planet and tried to kill Bon)
  • Vegeta killing Dodoria (that guy was a scumhandled murderer, he killed the three warrior Nameks and Moori and Cargo (though he seems to forget it))
  • Babidi killing Spopovich (after the beating he gave Videl) in Episode 205, The Wizard's Curse
  • Frieza threatening to eat Krillin for cutting off his tail
  • Majin Buu turning Dabura into a cookie and eating him (Episode 220, Meal Time)
  • Gohan killing Spice and Vinegar ("No way!" "Darn! Yes way! Oh no! Argh!") Episode 99, Extreme Measures
  • Goku fighting Burter and Jeice, and easily defeating Burter
  • The scene in HFIL (Hell) where Goku beats up Jeice, Burter, Guldo, and Recoome, then Pikkon beats up Cell, Frieza, and King Cold, and then throws Cell and the Ginyu Force onto the spike (Episode 180, Warriors of the Dead)
  • Any cameo appearance by Ginyu after Episode 92, Goku's Alive (I was actually angry at Buu when he killed Ginyu, even though Ginyu killed Oggers)
  • Any reference Krillin makes to Yajirobe's fight with Vegeta (once in Episode 27, A New Goal... Namek, and once in Episode 156, Memories of Gohan)

Least favorite moment

When Vegeta kills the Nameks in that village to take the 4-star Dragonball. (Episode 38, A Collision Course) Partly because they aren't wished back during the Frieza Saga, and partly because it'll count against Vegeta later, when Dende refuses to heal him after getting beat up by Krillin.

I hope Moori wished those guys back after updating the Dragonballs (to be able to restore more than one life per wish). I mean, the "can't grant the same wish more than once" rule still doesn't apply even after he updated them, so the "more than one life restored per wish excludes those who died over a year ago" rule doesn't apply. I mean, it never applied to the wishes before, cause Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu were all wished back this way. But if it did, it must've happened after Dende became guardian of earth, cause if such a wish was made, Dende would've known that Porunga's power was increased during the Kid Buu Saga. And in Episode 90, Mighty Blast of Rage, Vegeta made it quite clear that he had killed the Nameks that weren't revived with the ones killed by Frieza, so Moori obviously knew about that...

Which version I go by

There are two English versions of Dragonball Z: The original, consisting of 276 episodes (with the first 53 done by Ocean, and where I live, the last 109 also being done by Ocean with Monster Rancher theme songs, except in this case there is little difference in the two versions aside from voices and background music), and the uncut, consisting of 291 or so episodes, all done by FUNimation.

Not meaning to sound rude, but I am slightly appalled that FUNimation should make their own version of the first 53 episodes. They were the first episodes of DBZ I saw, on TV, and they will never be replaced. Especially with Zarbon and Vegeta's horrendous voice changes. In my opinion, FUNimation ruined them, but they still did a good job on the originals of Episodes 54-167. And I did prefer Bibidi's FUNimation line "Stupid iditot" to his Ocean line "Ungrateful fool". But on the other hand, I liked it better in Ocean when King Cold said "They could at least let us watch TV". So, long story short, I stand by the 276-episode anime.

What do I call Hercule?

Since I first watched DBZ on TV, I have always known him as Hercule. When I saw the episode description of the battle between Cell in Episodes 108+, I was confused as to who "Mr. Satan" referred to, and at first I thought it meant the reporter, until I saw other sites saying Hercule throws 16's head to Gohan. I did find it kinda annoying in Bojack Unbound how they always referred to him as Mr. Satan, cause I've always known him as Hercule. Heck, the games, movie credits, and sticker book even call him Hercule.

My opinions on Android 16

I think 16 was wished back with the rest of Cell's victims, but, like 17, spent his time wandering about the world not making contact with 18 or any other Z Fighters. What, he was a purely mechanical android and couldn't be wished back? Well, Android 8 was purely mechanical and he was wished back after Kid Buu blew up the earth! What, the wish that restored Earth to its original state brought him back? Well, the wish that revived Cell's victims also reversed any damage done to the earth during the fights against Cell. There was really no big difference. (in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) 16 is back.

The three main villains

You might've noticed me doing a lot of editing in relation to who the odd one out of certain aspects of the three main villains.


I noticed that out of the three main villains, Frieza is the only one who doesn't have Saiyan cells inside him at one point, who can't regenerate, who can transform without absorbing anyone (and who can't absorb anyone), who doesn't have purple blood (his blood is red), and who doesn't kill Android 17, though VixenWindstorm seems to not want me to tell anyone this.

Unrelated to edits about him, I am appalled that the games make the voices of Frieza's second, third, and fourth forms inaccurate to the anime. I notice this less with his fourth form than the other two. And I still find it strange as to why his voice sounds so feminine when he is a male character. Still, it is cool to actually get to beat up Frieza's first form.


I noticed that out of the three main villains, Cell is the only one who isn't initially feared by a Kai, isn't bitten by Goku, and doesn't kill Krillin.

Unrelated to edits about him, Cell is one of the few characters whose FUNimation voices I prefer, because I first saw him in FUNimation dub and that made the difference. He is also my personal favorite of the three.


I noticed that unlike the other two main villains, Super Buu is a complete idiot, isn't helped out by Vegeta at one point, and has neither a tail nor Frieza's cells.

Unrelated to edits about him, I think the Ocean dub captured a better voice for Buu's forms (excluding Kid Buu, cause he rarely talks and is a mindless beast) than the FUNimation version did. Super Buu especially sounds cool in Ocean dub, but FUNimation seems to make his voice uninteresting, as though they came up with it at the last second for a minor character. And the fat Majin Buu sounds better in Ocean dub too.


You have me to thank for the creation of the filler article. In my opinion, filler is canon. It is the movies that are non-canon.


I also created the list of deaths. I like to make lists of deaths for series. I had a hell of a time doing the ones killed by Super Buu or Kid Buu, of course, when Earth gets destroyed.


This show gave me an interest in tails, which are a major subtheme of DBZ (especially with Frieza and Cell), or were up until Cell absorbed Android 18, at which point the entire subtheme diminished. Akira Toriyama, who presumably has some level of interest in tails to make it such a big subtheme, forgot that Saiyans had tails which is why Goten and Trunks don't have tails. I was half expecting Frieza to turn up tail-less in Resurrection F, which I can take as canon if the summaries I've read are correct (a.k.a. Goku kills Frieza after Vegeta beats him up).

I created the tails article, expecting it to be deleted within five minutes, but instead other users improved it, added pictures, and linked other pages to it.

Who I'd like to see in a Tenkaichi game

The Spice Boys are definitely at the top of my list, particularly Spice and Vinegar. I would like a Named Frieza Soldier section that takes up one character box and has the same attacks but lets you choose between Bund, Vug, Blueberry, Raspberry, Orlen, Namole, Strock, Strong, Goose, and Oggers. Brocco and Pumpkin would also be interesting, and so would Grand Kai. But I would NOT like to see Veku the Blimp in a game. Period.

Voice Changes: Zarbon and Vegeta

Out of all the changes FUNimation made to the first 53 episodes of Dragonball Z, none appalls me more than the voice changes of Vegeta and Zarbon. In the original FUNimation versions of the anime, Christopher Sabat did a good job in making Vegeta and Zarbon sound roughly like they did in Ocean dub, so we know he is capable of it. But in the redub, the games and (in Vegeta's case) the movies, he makes Vegeta's voice as low as Piccolo's (distinguishable only from the tones of voice in which they speak) and Zarbon... he is NOT supposed to sound like Caroni or King Cold! He is supposed to speak with an Australian accent. He is supposed to sound COOL. Somehow, he doesn't seem like the same character in the games, and neither does the Vegeta with the Saiyan armor.

Relationships with other users

Vixen Windstorm

Several edits I made (especially ones that involve Android 17) have recently been reversed by Vixen Windstorm. At first I thought he had a thing against me, but I recently found out he is an administrator and is not in a position to antagonize other users. But I hope he and I can get along. Lately we haven't gotten into any arguments, which is good.


I initially thought he was cool, since he is named for one of the cooler villains and that on Garlic Jr.'s article, he used my most favorite Garlic Jr. quote. However, I do not like the fact that when adding quotes to characters like Cui, Dodoria, or Zarbon (basically, characters who appear only in the first 53 episodes), he goes by that akursid FUNimation redub of the first 53 eps. I consider the 53 Ocean episodes canon, as opposed to its 68 FUNimation episode equivalent. I tried to negotiate with him to have both versions up at the least (since more people know and love Ocean's 53), but he insists on putting only one quote or episode up there and goes by FUNimation's cause it's the newest. In spite of this, I gotta respect the guy since he tries to make these quotes ones that are similar in both versions, and that he personally prefers the Ocean dub. Therefore, I'm not entirely sure whether he's my friend or enemy, but I hope it proves to be the former. Lately we have not come into conflict, which is good.


Recently, Nonoitall's touchups to the site have included messing up some details. Which is a shame, because he seems like a really nice guy. First, we appear to have a misunderstanding on the difference between Earth's Special Forces and Z Fighters. Second, he prefers to go by that horrid redub as opposed to the awesome original dub, cause he effed up my edit on "Memories of Gohan" while taking about Krillin and Yajirobe. Well, I guess we'll just have to talk this over and come to a good understanding of each other, cause he is not a jerk and I certainly do not want to offend him.

Recently he has edited the trivia I added to the article Who's Who?, but all he did was reword a bit of trivia so it wasn't in the form of a question. Judging from this, maybe he and I can be on good terms after all.


"I'm so hungry. And I'm cold!" Best line in the entire anime.

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