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I was looking around on the net and i came across this web site and i love DB, DBZ and DBGT. i had tried to edit stuff on Wikiepedia and it got removed so i decided to set up an account on here and put down what i knew. I am 19 years old, British (but living in Australia) i 'am physicaley disabled with Cerabael Polcey and bad vision at long site but i have a good mind to make up for this. I love Video games, movies (east and west) anime, history, music and many other things. I have no specific Favourate character don't care if it's a hero,villan, or anti-hero/heroine 

Elder-supreme-kai.jpg This user has an advanced understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.

Favorite Characters

My favouate characters are:


Goku, (All forms) Vegeta, (All Forms) Bardock, Gohan, (Preasent and Future) Future Trunks, (with and without sword) Vegito, Gotenks, Gogeta (Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 4)


Yamcha, Tien, Nam. Mercenary Tao,


King Piccolo, Piccolo, Nail,

Villans Perfect Cell and Super Perfect Cell, King Cold, the Ginyu Force members (Recome, Burter, Jeice, and Ginyu) Frieza, (All forms) Super Buu, (Gotenks and Gohan absorbed) Broly, (Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan)]]


(#17, #18, present time-line #16 #13)

Shadow Dragons,

Nuova Shenron, Rage Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, Omega Shenron.

Favorite moments

Goku's first Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3 transformations

Birth of Vegito

Ultimate Gohan fighting Super Buu

Vegeta's first Super Saiyan Transformation

Frieza's death

Future Gohan fighting the Androids

Future Trunks kills 17 and 18

People i respect on this wiki

All the admins

SSJ4 Lewich

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