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Goku return's

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  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is Collage
  • I am Male


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-large--AnimePaper-scans Dragon-Ball-Z gtsayaman(1) THISRES 215457 Goku return's thinks Dragon Ball Z is the best series!

FINALSHINE Goku return's Knows the Final Shine Attack and has attacked Super 17 with it

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Whis DBS Broly

"Tell me, Goku. Why do you seek even greater strength than you have already? Wait, wait, don't tell me. Do you want to become a Destroyer God?"
~ Whis


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Ss2 Goku Charge

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Piccoloface Goku return's is a
Piccolo fan.

DBZ Earth's Special Forces Goku return's is a fan of the Z Fighters.

Monaco-logo Edit Goku return's has {{{1}}} edits.

VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03 Goku return's is a
Vegeta fan.

Bardock Goku return's is a
Bardock fan.

Gohan ssj2 Goku return's is a
Gohan fan.

Future Trunks Goku return's is a
Future Trunks fan.

Tien10 Goku return's is a
Tien Shinhan fan.

Yamcha- Saiyan saga Goku return's is a
Yamcha fan.

FutureGohan Goku return's is a
Future Gohan fan.

GokuEndofDB Goku return's is a
Goku fan.

RaditzFE Goku return's is a
Raditz fan.

CellPerfectReturnsNV Goku return's is a
CellCell fan.

Frieza1 Goku return's is a
Frieza fan.

Fat Buu Goku return's is a
Majin Buu fan.

KidBuu Goku return's is a
Kid Buu fan.

Buu32 Goku return's is a
Super Buu fan.

MajinBuuEvilTheEvilOfMen01 Goku return's is an
Evil Buu fan.

SSJ2Vegeta vs KidBuu Goku return's is addicted to the Dragon Ball Wiki ! Power Level increasing!

Super Trunks Goku return's is a
Super Trunks fan

Son gohan Goku return's will not tolerate Vandalism.

Elder-supreme-kai Goku return's has an advanced knowledge of the
Dragon Ball Universe.

Kami This user has an intermediate understanding of the Dragon Ball Universe.

Flag of the United States of America Goku return's lives in the United States of America.

Z villains Goku return's is a fan of the Villains.

Supersaiyans Goku return's is a fan of Super Saiyans.

Kamehameha Goku return's is a fan of Energy Beams!


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Son Goten as a child Goku return's is a
Goten fan.
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