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Gohan explaining how to bring out the ki to videl

he is sooo cute!!!

Gohan waving bye to videl

bye videl! imma go fond a more devoted-to-me girl! (pfft, i wish..) <3

Gohan in babidi&#039;s crystal ball

he's sooo cute!!!

Gohan watching kibito being blown up
Gohan cheking his watch
A confused gohan

ssj gohan in world tournament saga


gohan and videl in dbgt

Gohan and goku
Hey!! ive been visiting this website long before i made an account here. i think DB, dbz and dbgt are better than any anime ever!! (actually, GT isn't all that good :\) oh, and did i mention i'm a Gohan freak? I know eve
Gohan blushing
rything about
Gohan on bike
Gohan and goku
Embarrased gohan

gohan on namek when goku was running from that tiny needle.. lol

Gohan after videl screams at him

even when he's scared out of his wits he's soo cute!!

Ssj gohan after pulling out the z sword
Ssj gohan pulling out the z sword
Gohan in tears
Gohan before he uses super speed to get to school

he's so cute when he smiles =D

oh yeah, and about the pix, well, all u need 2 no about them is in their name =P yeah, i name most of them like that....

Gohan in brolys 2nd comingGohanxox<3LaughingGohan 14:44, March 28, 2012 (UTC)Gohanxox

Gohan hugging goku

father-son moments awww <3

Goku and gohan hugging

father son moment!! (even though that's not a technical hug, goku's just getting gohan off him -.-)

Smile my gohan

his smile turns me on... <sigh>

Gohan in his baseball hat

batter up!


is he not the hottest thing ever??

Gohan before his fight with dabura

he is so hot!!

I LOVE GOHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betcha never noticed this

i just wanna prove how much i notice Gohan!

Gohan admitting vegeta is right
Vegeta scolding gohan

gohan when vegeta was scolding him..... HOW DARE HE!?!?

Gohan smiling

isn't he adorable? <3

Gohan goes super saiyan during his fight with dabura


Gohan cute

his face is so..... cute dosent even begin to describe it.....

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