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Well, I'm Flina =D
I'm normally a laid-back kind of person, but when annoyed I tend to go slightly psychotic.

At any rate, I like to roleplay, and as my name states, my character is usually intangible.

Here's his profile ;)

Flina the Intangible

Flina is a half-demon, and he is blessed, or cursed, however you would look at it, with the skill mentioned below, intangibility. His demon half is constantly trying to break free, and while he appears as a carefree individual, he is deeply troubled by the fact that he could lose control at any moment, slaughtering those aroud him. His demonic side has also given him an unnaturally long life. Whilst having the appearence of a 20 year old, Flina is actually over 9000 years old, thus he has seen most of the world, and can get very bored. Very recently, after killing himself taking down a threat to his friends existence, he died, but was brought back to life when he recieved an infusion of energy from a dimensional rip, giving him a new form, and purging his demon side. (I recently used Flina in a power-test RP vs SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta, then SSJ4 Gogeta. He dominated Goku & Vegeta in base form, then they fused, and he was forced to go to maximum power, equalling the fused Saiyan in strength. In this form, he proved capable of deflecting a Big Bang Kamehameha. A good friend of mine is turning it into a flash animation.)


This allows Flina or whoever he is touching to be completely immune to attacks which do not affect the mind. (So psychic attacks would work against him.)

Swords, lightning bolts, bullets and frying pans will all have no effect.

His weakness is when he uses a spell or attack. For a few seconds he is vulnerable, before becoming intangible again.

This also allows him to simply walk through objects, and to make quick escapes by running through walls. (This is in no way related to Hirudegarn, since I thought up the idea years ago in 2004, before his movie came around to the UK)

In a roleplay sense ( if that kind of stuff ever happens here) I'll list Flina's abilities.

  • Hi-jump (can leap buildings using his inhuman strength, however he cannot fly in his base or maximum power forms.)
  • Elemental Affinity (all his attacks have a different element related to them)
  • Sliding Lightning Slam (kicks out an enemies' legs, then jumps and delivers a lightning charged axe kick.)
  • Spinning Fire Burst (spin kicks an enemy sideways, then kneels and fires a flaming beam with one hand supporting the other, similar to the Explosive Demon Wave)
  • Crashing Earth Hammer (kicks an enemy into the air, then appears above them, forms a club with his hands and slams his enemy into the floor)
  • Piercing Ice Hurdle (leapfrogs his enemy, but grabs their shoulders, somersaults and throws them into the air. He then forms a spear from ice and flings it at his opponent)
  • Dark Avenger (His ultimate attack in his base form, Flina dashes towards the enemy, then phases behind them, grabs them by the waist and piledrives them into the floor. He then grabs their leg, flings them into the air and fires a huge blast of dark energy, fueled by his anger.
  • Rending Power Shot (his ultimate attack in his maximum power state, Flina can only use this once, as it will drop him out of his powered up state. It is a ball of energy formed by placing his hands together, one palm up similar to the Big Bang Attack, the other clenched in front of his palm. A silver ball of light appears around his fist, and he then throws it like a Spirit Bomb. It will carve through whatever it touches, leaving it in shreds. If the ball is blocked, it will halt where it is blocked. Flina can then fire a blast from his palm to detonate the shot.
  • Black Star Dimension (his last resort attack in his demonic form, he screams and a dimensional rip opens. He throws his opponent into it and dives in after them. In this dimension, he summons all his energy into one final attack, completely obliterating the dimension, his enemy and himself. Flina has never used this attack, but will not hesitate to do so if it is required.)
  • Flaring Buster Afterburner (his ultimate attack in his angelic form, he powers up his sword, smashing it into the opponent and sending them flying. He flies after them and initiates a frenzy of slashes,ending it with a final crashing blow, sending his opponent into the floor. He then throws his sword into them, pinning them to the ground, extends his wings and gathers energy into themsimilar to Bahamut from Final Fantasy. He then charges a huge ball of sliver/blue energy, and fires a gigantic beam at the helpless opponent.)


  • Maximum power (muscle mass increases, he gains a large speed boost and his elemental attacks are twice as powerful. However, due to the strain on his body this form can only be held for ten minutes at most, and he loses his intangibility. His hair grows similar to a SSJ3, but does not have the golden hair and aura of this form.)
  • Demon release (when he feels that those close to him are in mortal danger, Flina will unleash his demonic side to defend them. This cancels out his intangibility similar to his max power state, but is useable for as long as needed. However, in this state, he becomes dangerously close to losing control, and if he does, he will not stop until all around him are dead, or he falls in battle. His appearence is that of a hulking beast, with several rows of serrated teeth, and two burning eyes.)
  • Angelic form (In a recent roleplay, after using the Black Star Dimension attack, the demon inside of Flina was purged. Since he died, due to being ancient, a friend infused his body with the power leaking from the rip in the dimesions created from the fight, bringing him back to life. As such, he can now assume an armoured form, with angelic wings extending from his shoulders and a rather large sword.)


I'm a nice kinda guy, I love Dragonball, as well as most animes.

I'm an avid artist, and mainly draw chibi characters. I also tend to visualise song lyrics, and create a picture based on them.

Speaking of song lyrics, I will be posting different lyrics on here every week. An E-cookie to whoever guesses the lyrics without googling them.

Because trust me, I'll know. =P

Also, I have an obssession with LOLcats, so don't be surprised if you find my page littered with them.


First lyric:

What we are is the sum of a thousand lies;

What we know is nothing at all.

What we are, we are 'till the day we die;

Or 'till we don't have the strength to go on.

SSWerty guessed this correctly. The song was Strength To Go On, and the artist was Rise Against.

Second lyric:

Too many times I've seen it,

Rip a hole into our friendship,

This is how it is,

How it always will be.

Guess the song name and get an e-cookie. Double cookies if you get tthe artist too.

Put the answer on my talk page =)