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Fat Buu.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Majin Buu fan.
MasterRoshiTurtleKameHouse.png Flamedude22 is a
Master Roshi fan.
VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03.png Flamedude22 is a
Vegeta fan.
BurterNV.png Flamedude22 is a
Burter fan.
Z villains.jpg Flamedude22 is a fan of the Villains.
Tien10.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Tien Shinhan fan.
Krillin666666.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Krillin fan.
Frieza1.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Frieza fan.
Bardock.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Bardock fan.
RaditzFE.png Flamedude22 is a
Raditz fan.
CellPerfectReturnsNV.png Flamedude22 is a
CellCell fan.
Piccoloface.jpg Flamedude22 is a
Piccolo fan.
NailPoweringUpEp71.png Flamedude22 is a
Nail fan.


CellsDeadGohan.png50pxCELL LOVES CORN-BREAD50pxCellsDeadGohan.png - The first sig I've made on this wiki(fourth sig that I've ever made). I pulled the face pics from a youtube video myself!

Burter&Jeice1.pngJeiceBurterVsGokuNV.pngFlameDude22BurterPoseVsGokuNamek.pngBurter&Jeice1.png - This was the first sig that I had on this wiki. Gotek made it for me. Thanks!

Majin M.jpgMajin FlameDude22Majin M.jpg - This was the second sig I've made. I made it for the 20 seconds I was on Dragon Ball Rivals wiki, lol.

ImagesCAB2RIPH.jpg Legendary Super Admin Flamedude22ImagesCAB2RIPH.jpg - I made this sig when I used to be an admin of KKP wiki. This is also the first sig I've ever made. Its much easier to read on KKP wiki.

Says ReizouReizou.jpg - This seems kinda irrelevant, but it's from Dragon Ball Z role playing wiki. Third sig I've made. I made the picture using a Vegeta sprite. I feel like a jerk for uploading a non-canon pic on this wiki.

MurasakiAlive.pngMurasaki4.PNG"Flamedude22 is a funny ninja! ^_^"Murasaki4.PNGMurasakiAlive.png- My newest sig, made in a response to Tien88's blog. Still needs a little work. 2nd I've made on this wiki, 5th over all sigs I've made. My current sig on this wiki.

Raddest Deaths

3. Nappa's

#3. Seconds before inceneration


#2. Bye Zarbon

2. Zarbon's gut punch

1. Guldo's decapitation


Funny stupid....

expand the slide show cause some of the dialoge gets cut off if you don't!

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