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aka Elcid or El

  • My occupation is Student, Author, and Wikia Contributor
  • I am Male
I joined the wiki in 2008 but I joined THIS wiki in 2009. The first wiki I ever edited was the DC Animated Universe

This is my old avatar, Adam (Drayden Stone) suggested it for me. It is Megaman without his helmet.

wiki. Before I joined the wiki I was a user on wikipedia but wikipedia was boring, my wikiepdia username was Popsecret17. My username on here used to be Elcidboy but I changed it to Elcidman.

About me

I have been a fan of Dragonball Z since I was a very small child, I had seen all the episodes of dbz, I had dbz action figures, and I even played the dbz video games. I also remember going to the library when I was little, just to read the dbz manga. It was my dad that got me into Dragonball Z because he showed the episode to me when I was little. I remember staying up late just to watch episodes of it on Cartoon Network. I also remember watching GT up late on Cartoon Network but I didn't really get into GT like I did with dbz.

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