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"Well, well... not bad. Rather impressive, actually. Frieza... yes, I could see how he would have trouble with you. My brother was a pest - I would have killed him myself sooner or later. He was always trying to beat me, trying to prove that he was the best, and he definitely had the edge. But then it happened. As you know, I am in the third transformed state, but I found a fourth beyond it! You should feel privileged, you will be the first one to witness this form! First you will see, then you will DIE!"

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Hello, I have been a huge fan of DBZ ever since I watched the fight between Great Ape Vegeta and Goku. My all time favorite character in the Franchise is Cooler. Cooler is my favorite character because(in my opinion) his character perfects the character flaws of one of my favorite villains, Frieza.

Cooler Final Form Closeup.png

My Favorites

Here's multiple lists of my favorite characters in the Dragonball franchise:

Favorite Z Fighters(In order)

Ginyu Force(Favorites to Least Favorites)

Favorite Techniques(No Particular Order)

Favorite Universe

Favorite Characters in the Tournament of Power(No Particular Order)

Team Universe 2(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Hermila

2. Prum

3. Jimizu

4. Rabanra

5. Zirloin

6. Vikal

7. Zarbuto

8. Sanka Ku

9. Su Roas

10. Brianne de Chateau

Team Universe 3(Favorites to Least Favorites)


2. Maji Kayo


4. Paparoni

5. Koichiarator

6. Nigrissi

7. Bollarator

8. Narirama

9. Koitsukai

10. Panchia

11. Viara

12. The Preecho

Team Universe 4(Favorites to Least Favorites)


2. Gamisaras

3. Ganos

4. Shosa

5. Majora

6. Dercori

7. Nink

8. Shantza

9. Caway

10. Monna

Team Universe 6(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Frost

2. Hit

3. Pirina

4. Auta Magetta


6. Dr. Rota


8. Caulifla

9. Kefla

10. Kale

11. Cabba

Team Universe 9(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Lavender

2. Bergamo

3. Basil

4. Comfrey

5. Chappil

6. Hyssop

7. Rozel

8. Sorrel

9. Oregano

10. Hopp

Team Universe 10(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Obuni

2. Rubalt

3. Methiop

4. Zium

5. Mulithim

6. Napapa

7. Rylibeu

8. Jilcol

9. Murisarm

10. Jirasen

Team Universe 11(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Top

2. Jiren

3. Kettle

4. K'nsi

5. Dyspo

6. Vewon

7. Tupper

8. Zoiray

9. Cocotte

10. Casserale

Gods of Destruction(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Giin

2. Mule

3. Quitela

4. Champa

5. Beerus

6. Rumsshi

7. Arak

8. Liqueur

9. Heles

10. Iwan

11. Sidra

12. Belmod

Supreme Kais(Favorites to Least Favorites)

1. Eyre

2. Shin

3. Gowasu

4. Anat

5. Roh

6. Kuru

7. Fuwa

8. Iru

9. Khai

10. Agu

11. Ogma

12. Pell

My Power Levels

Below is a list of my own power levels for characters in the franchise. Please note that power levels are deemed useless after the beginning of Dragon Ball Z so I'm only putting power levels from places times where they do matter(The first arc of DBZ, some earlier movies, and some parts of Resurrection F).

Name Image Power Level Evidence
Farmer with a shotgun
5 Stated by Raditz when he arrives to Earth.
1300 Akira Toriyama stated that Saibamen have power levels of 1200, and Raditz's power level is slightly higher than a Saibaman's. Raditz also stated that Piccolo's Special beam Cannon, with a power level of 1480, is strong enough to kill him.
Goku Without Weighted Clothing(Fight against Raditz)
Around 500 Goku was much weaker than Raditz, but his and Piccolo's combined might was able to take him down with great injury. Because of this I would say their combined might is around 1000.
Piccolo Without Weighted Clothing(Fight against Raditz)
Around 500 Piccolo was much weaker than Raditz, but his and Goku's combined might was able to take him down with great injury. Because of this I would say their combined might is around 1000.
Piccolo's Second Special Beam Cannon(Fight Against Raditz)
1480 Stated by Raditz when he scanned it with his scouter.
Krillin(Beginning of Dragon Ball Z)
Krillin Power Level.png

Scanned by Raditz's scouter after it was modified by Bulma.

Master Roshi(Beginning of Dragon Ball Z)

Master Roshi Power Level.png

139 Scanned by Raditz's scouter after it was modified by Bulma.
Tien Shinhan(Fight Against Nappa)
Around 2000 He was easily able to fend off the Saibaman. He was no match for Nappa, though. When he fired his Spirit Tri-Beam Nappa blocked it with damage to his armor. He even said it could have actually damaged him if he didn't block. Vegeta also said he fought "lik a man".
1200 Stated by Akira Toryiama.
Nappa DBZ Ep 28 004.png
4000 Stated by Akira Toryiama.
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