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Yamcha, my favorite character

About me

I was exposed to Dragon Ball back in 2001, 1 year prior to it's debut in Israel, and ever since I'm part of it's fandom. I had a Wiki site of my own in Hebrew (hosted by a rival Wiki hosting company to Wikia) about Dragon Ball back in 2005-2009, and back when this Wikia was opened in 2006 I've been part of it's VERY first users: User:SHOOLA.

I love the Humans more than Saiyans or any other race.

My favorite pages

I also want Gohan to be the new protagonist of this franchise, instead of Goku or Vegeta.

I will never understand "fans" who only want Saiyans to shine and to focus the franchise about them.

The never released Revelation DBZ TCG deck

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