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I am Joe, a cool member of society, Thats all

I got that wrong. I am much more.

I was born in Canada, where my father was born, and where my mother was getting her degree. I lived in Québec, where I grew up, and I moved over to the UK when I was around 9.

I am a natural French speaker. You ever talk to me, or swear at me, in French, you'll either get a round of applause or a smack around the face. When I moved to the UK,  it was strange. I always called things by their Canadian names. But now I drink tea and talk posh. I'm joking, I sound weird to the UK.

Now, for any of you who ask, I was a discussions moderator until I stepped down. I miss it so much. But eh, I have more to do.

I lurk around skimming lot, and I'll be more than happy to help!

Signature:  DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ

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My basic info

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