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Broly 7.jpgLegendarySSJBroly.BLSS.pngLeg.end.ary .Sup.er Sai.yan .Go.tekLegendarySSJBroly.BLSS.pngBroly 7.jpg

— Po from Kung Fu Panda

"I am Po.... and I'm gonna need a hat."
— Po in Kung Fu Panda 2.

"Once again the only logical user is ignored."
— Me


'Lo everybody!! I'm Gotek. I'm obviously a huge DB fan, if I weren't I wouldn't be here :P. I also like Bleach a lot! You may ask why my username is Gotek, you may not, I'm gonna tell ya anyway! My username is Gotek 'cause before I created my account I came up with a character name Gotek, when I made my account I couldn't think of anything better so now my username is Gotek and I will probably never change it!

Things I can help you with!

I'm very skilled on Wikia so there are many things I can help you with.

  • Sig making- I'm am VERY skilled at making sigs, so if you want a sig I can make you one or if you can make a sig but want a better one, I can do that too.
  • Userpage coloring- See the colors on my userpage? I can do that for you too, just ask! :)
  • Logo making- If you want a logo I can make you one. I can make it many different ways.
  • Talk templates- This you can probably figure out on your own, but if you want me to make you one just ask!
  • Photo editing- I probably won't get asked to do this, but I am very skilled at editing photos so if you want a photo edited for a fan fiction or you want me to color your drawings or if you want me to touch up a photo I can do it!
  • Banners- Besides Callanball I probably make the best banners on the site. So if you want one just ask and I'll make you one.
  • You can ask for help with anything else and I can probably help you! :P

Other Wikis I Edit On

Favorite Characters

  1. Vegeta
  2. Future Trunks
  3. Piccolo
  4. Gohan
  5. Tien
  6. Trunks
  7. Cooler
  8. Bardock
  9. Krillin
  10. Goten
  11. Goku

Favorite Forms

  1. Super Saiyan
  2. Super Saiyan 3
  3. Great Ape
  4. Super Saiyan 4
  5. Golden Great Ape

Favorite Attacks

  1. Final Flash
  2. Special Beam Cannon
  3. Big Bang Attack
  4. Light Grenade
  5. Spirit Bomb

Character Archetypes

  1. Anti-Heroes
  2. Supporting/Secondary Heroes
  3. Main Villains
  4. Supporting Villains
  5. Antagonists
  6. Main Heroes (My least favorite Character Archetype)


DrAssassin - Talk, Contribs

19. Kogu killed by Trunks.pngFuture Trunks 1.jpgFuture GotekGohanFutureFinalBattle.pngGohanFutureVsFutureAndroid17.png

GohanSuperSaiyanMad-1.jpgSuper Saiyan GotekTrunksFutureBusterCannonK.png

VegetaCellGamesEndOfCell.pngVegeta89.jpgSuper Saiyan GotekVegeta52.PNGVegetaVsCellJNV.png

FutureTrunks.pngGot.ek ..talk..contributions.FutureTrunks.png

VegetaCellGamesEndOfCell.pngSuperTrunksEndOfDBZ.pngUltraGotenEndOfDBZ.pngMegaMysticGohanPoweringUp.jpgInsanelyFuture Trunks 89.jpgPoweredPiccoloSMS.pngUpGokuKidSuperSaiyanDBGT01.pngGotekKrillin9.jpg

Son Gotek, Super Saiyan.






GotenksSuperSaiyanSmiling2.jpgSu.per .Sai.yan .Got.ek..GotenksSuperSaiyanFusionNV.png

Broly 7.jpgLegendarySSJBroly.BLSS.pngLeg.end.ary .Sup.er Sai.yan .Go.tekLegendarySSJBroly.BLSS.pngBroly 7.jpg

Gokutransforms.PNGGo.tek, .The ..Leged.ary ..Warrior..Gokussj1angry.jpg

Ssj5 goku-large.jpgSuper Saiyan 5 GotekSsj5 goku-large.jpg

FalseSSFlipped.jpgFa.lse .Su.per .Sai.yan .Go.tekScreenshotsdbzmovie4 636.jpg



Vegeta6.jpg DrAssassinKnows that
Vegeta would kill Kakarot if he wanted to.

VegetavsGokuEarthDBZ03.png DrAssassin is a
Vegeta fan.

Gohan ssj2.PNG DrAssassin is a
Gohan fan.

MercenaryTaoGeneralBluePressurePointAttackEp59.png DrAssassin can kill you with their tongue

Future Trunks.jpg DrAssassin is a
Future Trunks fan.

FutureGohan.png DrAssassin is a
Future Gohan fan.

Youtube.jpg DrAssassin has a YouTube account located http://youtube/user_gottekk1.

20070520-firefox logo.jpg DrAssassin contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

Windows7.jpg DrAssassin uses a Microsoft Operating System

This user enjoys the series Bleach, but does not enjoy the cleaning product Bleach.

Pages I've added


Android Barrior


Gohan the Free.jpg Ms.Bulma..... talk ..... contrib. Gokula by Dei chan luv.gif 20:59, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

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