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aka Luke Marsh

  • I live in Complete Solitude And Sadness
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Being a FromSoftware stan
  • I am The

I know a whole heccin lot bout FighterZ. If you need info for FighterZ just ask. Also, I'm a dumbass, so feel free to remove any edits I make. You probably know more than me. Like really, half the edits I make are horrible. I ask you to refrain being angry at me, but If I ever step out of line, make sure to tell me, or I won't realize. If anything I post at all is unacceptable, please delete it. If you want to help on the Dragon Ball FighterZ wiki, click here.

Favorite Things

  • Cell
  • When a Human does something significant.
  • That one hot chick in the pastry shop that stepped on Bobbidi's cape or whatever it was
  • Elite Beam
  • People who don't run Bardock
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