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Dark Seeker Kotsu

aka the Destroyer, the Walking Dad

  • I live in in the darkness in the heart of man.
  • My occupation is doing dad stuff.
  • I am the shadow.

Yo, I'm Kotsu and I'm a former admin here. Former social admin, which means if you ask me expert-level DBZ questions, I will refer you to one of these smooth pimp daddies. I don't know how to code either and I can tell you that all four of them are also better at that than I am.

I just basically swung the banhammer around where necessary for like a year or whatever and it was glorious.

About Me

Basically just a regular dude living a regular life. Got a lady and an almost nine month old son, so doing lots of family stuff lately as opposed to Wikia stuff. I didn't choose the dad life, the dad life chose me. I actually chose it though.

My buddies

A Wikia-RIP to these studs

  • Adam
  • Gotenfan
  • Kingsterz
  • Matt
  • MOG
  • MsB
  • Patotter
  • SSJ4 Vegito
  • Tayler
  • Tuz
  • UG
  • Yamz

Favorites and Least Favorites

Basic Favorites (in no order)

  • Shows: Dragon Ball Z, The Walking Dead, Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Music: Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Rammstein
  • Food: Lamb, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, blueberries

Basic Least Favorites

  • I lied, I never added stuff here.

Top Ten Favorite Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z Characters

  1. Vegeta - He's a badass with a heart of silver. Might not be gold, but we'll just have to appreciate him for doing his own thing, yeah?
  2. Future Gohan - The more badass version of older Gohan, who went out and fought Androids every day at the expense of constantly getting his ass kicked, losing his arm, and dying. He risked a lot to save other people and fought even when the situation seemed hopeless, as he was the only combatant left until Trunks began to fight and train under him.
  3. Piccolo - We need more Piccolo. He's intelligent and wise, not only in thought, but in action. Piccolo basically raised Gohan and was even Gohan's fatherly figure enough to the point where he called Goku out for his "let's watch Gohan get his ass kicked" nonsense and informed him that Gohan was not like him at all. With his pupil (and surrogate son, I daresay)'s best interests in mind, Piccolo is willing to enter the fray, even though surpassed by the Saiyan group.
  4. Goku - Heroic and brave, he's the hero the universe he lives in...kinda deserves. With an endless stomach and an endless sense of strength to match that, Goku is likable. He's affectionate and warm, kindhearted without being too gentle, and nice to a fault at times.
  5. Goten - Innocent and playful, Goten is the goofy and peppy younger brother of Gohan. A young Super Saiyan with blossoming potential, I like Goten because of how fun and energetic he is as a character.
  6. Trunks (Kid) - Bratty, mischievous, and cunning...basically me as a little kid. Especially because he's the one that gets the more naive kid into his schemes with him.
  7. Krillin - Just an overall great guy with a heart of gold. Though he could have blown the Androids up and spared the world the whole impending Cell perfection problem, he chose to give them a chance at life without knowing if they would kill him/his friends or not. A tough gamble, but it really shows his kindness. Not to mention, Krillin is brave enough to head into battle with otherworldly beings that are far stronger than him, proving he has immense courage as a human on the show.
  8. Cooler - He was literally the best villain. Cooler + Drowning Pool = WINNING.
  9. Future Trunks - He kicked Frieza's ass without even breaking a sweat. I shouldn't have to tell you how badass this guy is.
  10. Roshi - Something about this wise old pervert always makes him fun to watch. He was there by Goku's side since day one, back when Goku and Krillin were just two young boys training under him. His kindness extended to those unrelated to him, as he took Goku and Krillin in almost like they were his own.

Top Ten Least Favorite Dragon Ball/Z/GT Characters (in order)

  1. Pan: She's annoying. You all saw this coming. Also she is my least favorite because she is wasted potential. If she had been something more along the lines of Arya Stark, she would have been one of my top ten favorites.
  2. Van Zant: He shot a dog. He's a shithead, guys. We know this for sure.
  3. Garlic Jr.: Should have never existed in the series. He consistently failed to be an interesting antagonist.
  4. Baby: He came from the end of the series that was hit with the stupid stick a few too many times.
  5. Guldo: Mostly because I feel bad for him. He seemed only slightly better than the average Frieza grunt, but somehow was part of an elite force.
  6. Broly: He barely deserved one movie, much less three. He wasn't interesting at all. He literally just fought and screamed Goku's name for seventy minutes a stretch.
  7. Shadow Dragons: I hate GT.
  8. Raditz: He was literally just a moving plot point. He didn't even have to be Goku's brother to do what he did, because his familial ties to Goku did literally nothing but explain that Goku was a Saiyan. Which could have been explained all the same if he was just a Saiyan that happened to know of Goku.
  9. Videl: Not as terrible as her daughter. But do they really have to make the tougher females of the series come off as weak and/or annoying all the time?
  10. Android 19: Got the short end of the stick by Gero, who didn't love him enough to make him as strong as the others.
    Kotsu the almighty

    Cool something that Lane made for me

Facts about Dark Seeker Kotsu

  • Drowning Pool is the best.
  • Hi, yeah, I'm German and not Mexican.
  • I got into a lot of trouble as a schoolboy.
  • I act far more abrasive than I really am at times. Don't be dismayed by this.
  • I'm a Grammar Nazi, to the extent where I ruined a "moment" with my ex-girlfriend because I just had to go and correct her.
  • I'mma dad.
  • Callanball is my twin brother. I don't care that we are in completely different hemispheres. Who are you to judge who my brothers are and aren't eh?

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Quotes (which I simply refuse to remove)

— Me

"Hullabaloo, and howdy doo! Musty prawns, and Timbucktu! Yeltsy-by, and hibbety-hoo! Kick 'em in the dishpan! Hoo hoo hoo!!"
— Eustace, from Courage the Cowardly Dog

"It doesn't matter what other people think about you, kiddo. They can pick on you and talk all they want. When it all comes down to it, only the opinions of the people you trust and love should matter. Every person is made different and you're beautiful just the way you are."
— My Dad


"Then go play in the Rainbow Fairy Princess land of Sunshine, where you belong."
— Me

SSJ4 Vegito

"You already know I will love you even if you are an ants size Tsu xD"

"...I don't have a tree, however, I do have a Tree of Turles!"
— Me

"My teacher looked at me weird at school today. I was tired and I was reading a problem on a test half the problem was "James gets online to talk to Ted and Trevor..." read the problem as "Baka gets online to talk to Kotsu and Barku...""
— LT


— Mysterious Luster

"kotsu is very sexy"
— Metro

"Damn ain't Kotsu SEXAY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"No, I will not play with your Pikachu."
SSJ4 Dad

"Are you some five year old that someone left at a computer?"
Troll Prince Joffrey

"I want to jump through my computer screen and punch you in the mouth."

"....She's a sock. She's a sock of Talia. See how she runs? See how she runs for fear of her freedom like a slave who has angered her master?"

"I'm obviously 4"

"Talia once told me she was a flying elephant who's uncle made tea for Hitler. Also, she dated Johnny Cash about two centuries ago."

"brolly culd punch yor mom in the face so hard u where never born"
— My imitation of a Broly fanboy

"Your argument doesn't make any sense. Is murder okay if you don't get caught? No."
10X Kamehameha

"They are giant, marauding, godless killing machines."
— Stephen Colbert on bears

"This is the Dragon Ball WIKI, not Dragon Ball Preschool."
— Me

"Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass."
— Big Sean

"You either disable your account, or you edit long enough to see yourself become the troll."

"You are a beautiful, and frankly hog young lady."
— Jeff, to Tayler.

"Owen is kinda shy about his nose size, but I'm proud to be his big ass nose."
— OwenWilson'sNose.

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