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Ok, I am Rein, or just call me That Danganronpa fan if ya want, even tho Rein is easier XD. Ok, I love Dragon Ball, and the Abridged version as well. My Favorite character is forever Piccolo, and I don't know why. I hope you enjoy My time here, and have a good day, Saiyans and Namekians. 

Alright, more about myself:

Please, either call me Rein or Syo! I, am an editor! I edit for profile pictures, us, etc. I also will do some polls from time to time, but I'm mainly just some editor hanging (my Kanade kin, ack-) around, and talking to you guys! 

I wasn't very active, as I had Quotev, but, I decided to be more active on here, since I am pretty passionate about Dragon Ball! I do watch other anime, but I think besides from Puella Magi: Madoka Magica, Dragon Ball was my first anime!I

See ya, fellow Dragon Ball Fans!!

My Favorite Characters!

  • 1. Piccolo and Android 17
  • 2. Perfect Cell
  • 3. Frieza
  • 4. Goku 
  • 5. Vegeta
  • 6. Tien 
  • 7. Krillin
  • 8. Jiren 
  • 9. Beerus
  • 10. Mr. Popo
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