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Nothing special about me except the fact that I host the largest volume of swag, possess a coolness that cannot be calculated by contemporary instruments, and a gangsterity that is impossible to emulate. These qualities have provided me the means of observing and influencing others street cred and limited manipulation of ambient temperatures by concentrating and distributing my coolness. My roundhouse kick has also distorted space-time to a degree where time could collapse upon itself and recreate the genesis of the universe. It also enables me to coin apropos words and phrases that ameliorates the quality of the English language. The nomenclature of my parlance is swagomics or Ebonics^2. An overt disadvantage is superfluous overconfidence and abuse of the power that is conferred by those properties which is why it requires a composed, intrepid individual to utilize this power to benefit the world. Comics were the overture of my unadulterated coolness. The complexity of the intriguing plot induces enjoyment and challenge that helps me to control my swag properties. This is me, what about you?

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