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About Me

Most people call me Chrome, feel free to do so.

I love pretty much everything Dragon Ball. All DB material has flaws, some more than others, but it’s all good in my books in some way.

I really enjoy theorizing things and possibilities from others standpoints so leave me a message if you thought about something interesting.

My favorite characters in all of Dragon Ball are:




My reasons are:

Vegito tells people to stick it when they need to, and has the power to back it up. He’s all around hilarious and cool.

Gohan is the nicest guy and has such great power he has to be that nice not to obliterate everyone. He is nice and cool.

Bulma is the ride or die friend who doesn’t cry all along the way or have an annoying personality. In a fight she’ll be there with Goku/Vegeta and just help and be like “I hope you guys can beat them.” She is an all around great character who doesn’t back down and I love that.

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