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As you probably already knew, I am Callanball, and if you can't tell my real name is Callan. I am one of those lesser known yet still equally important people on this wiki, you could almost call me DB Wiki famous, due to my recent outbreak of banners. I can do many things, so if you need help with something, especially if it has something to do with imagery, then feel free to ask. Oh and Happy New Year!

"Rely on impulse and not even your thoughts can betray you."
— Kurama

About Me

Callan ed5.jpg I am 16 years and about 7 months of age and live in a wonderful place known as Australia. I've been a DB/DBZ fan since I was around 4 years of age so you could say I have a basic knowledge on the subject. I have a vast interest in animes and could probably never make up my mind of which would be my favourite. I also am a big fan of music, and can play basic guitar. My main music genres would be metalcore and old school punk (Misfits not Green Day) My favourite bands would probably be Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Architects, Black Sabbath, Of Mice and Men, Dio and Arcadia (Adelaide).

If you want to know about me more in depth, feel free to ask I am quite an open person and would probably tell you most things.

10 Characters I like

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1. Tien Shinhan

I have been asked many times by friends, 'why do you like Tien so much? Why not Goku or Vegeta?' Well its quite simple, Tien is not over powered. I joke I joke, but seriously I like how Tien never seemed to let himself be ruled out of the manga/anime (excluding that GT nonsense) Tien was also the first bad to become good character in the anime, excluding possibly Launch but that was because of her split personalities. Oh and Oolong, but he wasn't really evil, he was just lonely and liked to abuse his power. Anyway back to the important subject, Tien has some incredible moves and just had a very likable personality. Plus the voice actor was a bad ass and did the voice of Kurama as well!

2. Gohan

By Gohan I think I would specify more to kid, teen and future. I became a fan of Gohan mainly because he almost grew up with me, I watched him get older as I did myself. Kid Gohan just had more motivation then anyone at times, plus his anger is just purely awesome. Teen Gohan, even if he technically isn't a teen is a favourite to most, for good reason. He has such a loving and kindhearted personality that was hard not to be a fan of. He was the reason Piccolo became who he is and that is rad on its own. Teen Gohan also had dedication and would do anything to help his friends and family, and I think everyone should respect those characteristics. Future Gohan is the real dark side of Gohan, which I found crazy bad ass. He was more serious, not nearly as light hearted, but he was still a caring friend and mentor to Future Trunks. It showed the never give up attitude of Gohan that I have always been a fan of. He gives it his all even though he knew it wouldn't be enough. And that is why he was a lot better than regular late teen/adult Gohan.

3. Tapion

4. Krillin

The comic relief of the manga/anime, Krillin has been there since near the start. After his first death I will admit, I was quite depressed, it was a sad scene that is for sure. Then when he came back I went, at least that is over. Until Frieza came along and you know.. BOOM! Which put me back into that sad state, but it didn't last long, since I was awe struck by SSJ Goku and then Krillin came back almost instantly so it got me out of the sadness. Then a few light hearted sagas and movies later, he died again. Then in GT he died again. He didn't seem to like living very much, he seemed to prefer toying with my emotions. But Krillin also created the Destructo Disk which seemed to be more helpful to everyone else than him and he learnt how to impregnate a robot.. So kudos Krillin, kudos.

5. Goku

Son Goku was there since day one, we watched him go from a 11/12 year old all the way to a.. Well 11/12 year old xD But seriously when you are around a character for so long its difficult not to fall for them. Especially when they are basically a super hero, except one with a large amount of crazy transformations.

6. Piccolo

From the Demon in Dragon Ball to the weird slug creature he turned out to be in Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo was probably the character that evolved the most through the series, going from a heartless killer to sacrificing his life for Gohan and eventually the whole Earth. Piccolo is a hard character not to love.

7. Bardock

Bardock may not have been a main character, but after his special and the Episode of Bardock manga I grew very fond of the character. Because he might of started off as a regular ruthless Saiyan however he ended up regretting what he did, trying to redeem himself and sacrificing himself all at once. 

8. Janemba

Janemba was quite possibly the funnest movie villain of all time, the first form was hilarious with his simple mind and humourous fighting style. While his second form was probably the strongest enemy in Dragon Ball Z if I am not mistaken. 

9. Yajirobe

Say what you want about Yajirobe, I would probably agree. But he helped out a lot and he had a sense of humour, so he was a fun character.

10. Kuwabara

I don't care if he was not a proper character, he had a scene in GT.. That counts!

What I can help with

Problem.jpg I have been making banners for this wikia for a month or so now, so that has spread around this wiki quite a bit. However there are other things I can do on top of this. I can remove backgrounds to images. Or if you prefer I can add backgrounds to images. I can make logos or images combining pictures together. I can pretty much create anything as long as you give me enough guidelines to know what I am doing, yet enough space to let my creativity take over.

If you are interested in one of my banners, feel free to send me a message with the details: Which characters you want in it (have to be from an anime/manga) Colours you would like included (for beam/basic background) Any other ideas you might want to include (something about your personality) I will hopefully respond to you and tell you if I am making yours or if I am having trouble. Do not bombard me with messages! Unless you are willing to pay, the banners will fit around my time table and I will get to them when I can. If I make one for you it will most likely be here: [1]

Some of the Banners I have made


New Abstract things I have made

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Demon Tv Presents: STWC

Demon Tv.jpg Story Time With Callan or STWC is a non-profit story time presented by Callanball himself, telling some of the most wonderful and interesting stories of bravery, strength and just plain awesomeness, usually with some rhymes for the young kids. These blogs are going to be broadcasted every Tuesday and Friday Demon Standard Time.

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I made this in like 5 minutes, I thought it was kinda nice. Almost like Tien if he was full evil.

What because I'm white I ain't allowed to like Yu-Gi-Oh?


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