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|style="text-align: center; "|
|style="text-align: center; "|
<span style="color:rgb(255,255,255);">"Is that a question? Then I'll happily answer it. Pick from one of three choices. Number one: Kida Masaomi. Number two: Kida Masaomi! Number three: Kida Masaomi!!"</span>
Hi, I'm Callanball and I'm a Chat Moderator on a dead website. Johnny Gargano does not deserve to be booed because he's not cool or edgy, Saitama better still win fights with one punch. Utah Jazz is a great basketball organization, and Donovan Mitchell better be an All-star which ever year you read this in.
<span style="color:rgb(255,255,255);">All 'Durarara!!' quotes aside, I am the one known as Callanball. Before we begin.. does anyone still actually read these things? I know I certainly don't since there was a lot of information I needed to fix from the previous version! >.< Hm, well I suppose you deserve a basic bio since you've gone out of your way. Well, I'm currently what you'd call a NEET, and an Otaku, and a tad on the Hikikomori side of things (I can also dabble into weabooism on a good day). I'm a sports anime nut.. and I guess a regular anime nut, but y'know. I also love KEY and their wonderful butjustatinybitfullonfetalpositioninglyheartbreaking series, y'know like Little *sniffles* Busters. I have many other series I love as well, but I am getting the feeling I'm going to make this thing run too long soon. Personality wise, I'm okay I guess? I 'unno, I'm quiet but if I talk about something I'm passionate about you'll wish for me to shut up. I try to be a good listener as well, so hit me up if you want to just let out anything or if you just need to talk to someone. I can be sensitive too, and as much as I can be a jerk I do usually care! I mean, I'm not a mod here for the power fantasy, or to just feel important (most the time).. I'm a mod because I love you guys and I enjoy trying to make this a better place. If it weren't for this place I would've never been called Nii-san, or been able to meet the amazing people I've had the pleasure of conversing with.. and where's the fun in that?  Well, that's it for me! Arigato! Sayonara~ </span>
<font color=black><span style="font-family:Elephant;font-size:medium;">{{userbox|#CC3300|#EBAD99|[[File:Oie_15223612vpTxFDE0.jpg|60px]]|This user is [[User:Disasterology|Disasterology's]] boyfriend. ^~^}} </span></font>

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