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"I'll tear ya in half!"

About me

"But Vegeta! Trix are for kids!"
— Nappa to Vegeta in DBZ Abridged


I' 'have been a moderate DB/Z fan for about 8 years untill about 2 years ago when I really got into it. I have always considered DBZ as the anime that started it all in America and yet 10 years later it is still making a big impact. My favorite character and villain is Broly and my second favorite character is Goku. I also run the Metal Gear Answers page, so stop by if you want any Metal Gear related questions answered! WOOO BLACKHAWKS!


  • I want to clean up all the Episode pages and make them more User-friendly (20% done)
  • Make a list of every single battle that has occured.

My Favorite Heroes

1. Goku

2. Picolo/Vegeta

3. Gohan

My Favorite Villains

1. Broly

2. Cell

3. Cooler/Janemba

Least Favorite Characters

1. Pan

2. Mr. Satan

3. Great Saiyaman

4. Goten

5. Kid Trunks

My Top PS3 games

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots/God of War 3

2. Fallout 3/ The Elderscrolls IV Oblivion

3. Assassins Creed 2/ Raging Blast/ COD 4,5,6 (Can't decide!)


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