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Bluestripe the Wild

aka Blue

  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is grad student
  • I am Male

I have known about Dragon Ball Z since I was little and I read the manga in 6th grade. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I also have an account on Redwall Wiki. My name there is also Bluestripe the Wild.

Gosh, I haven't been active here for a long time. It's almost been a year! :O I am planning on changing that, so, hopefully, you'll see more of me here.


Favorite Characters

  • Piccolo (He's the character I remember from the brief glimpses of the anime when I was younger, making him my favorite.)
  • Master Roshi (He is strangely likeable to me.)
  • Grandpa Gohan (For some unknown reason, I find him awesome.)
  • Future Trunks (He's a cool, calm, and intelligent guy from the future. He's also got a sword.)
  • Goku (He's the main character and deserves to be on this list.)
  • Majin Buu (A fat, pink deity who is so innocent and strange. I like this guy a lot.)

I'll type more later.

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