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Dragon Ball. I know heaps about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Feel free to ask me any questions about DB, DBZ or DBGT. I have watched every episode of Dragon Ball Z at least four times through and every episode of Dragon Ball GT just once, I am currently watching the Dragon Ball Series and I am up to the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga. I am also currently watching Dragon Ball Z and am up to the Fusion Saga. Whenever I watch DBZ I always watch it in my room, however recently I have not been watching it as frequently. On holidays I can sometimes watch DBZ for up to 7 hours straight. On holidays though I will watch it anytime from about 10 P.M all the way up to 5 A.M at times. I first got into Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z when I was a child of about 5-6 years old. I would watch an episode of DB and DBZ every weeknight on Cartoon Network, but I would always miss an episode here and there. I never had really known about any of the Saiyan Saga except for flashbacks from later on in the series. I also never found out how the fight between Goku and Kid Buu ended and had never really knew of GT. The fight between Goku and Kid Buu had always been a mystery all my life. Recently when DBZ was on Cartoon Network I watched it for a while but it suddenly stopped airing. That's when I decided to go and buy all nine seasons of DBZ and eventually went on to buy both seasons of GT. I am not a huge fan of DBZ Games. I have only one game which is Budokai 2 on PS2, which I have not played in quite a while.

Korin Side.png Things I can help you with

Well firstly as you can see above I am very knowledgable in the DB Universe, so if you have any questions that relate to the Dragon Ball Franchise please feel free to ask me. I am fairly experienced on the wiki, so any wiki related problems I will almost certainly be able to help you with. I know how to archive talk pages, make polls, create templates, make signatures, put moving a template or picture on a page and many other things. If you would like me to make any of these things for you I would be more than happy to, all you need to do is ask me. I am extremely friendly and approachable on the wiki, so don't be afraid to ask me anything. I get on very well with pretty much all other users on the Dragon Ball Wiki.

Future Trunks Happy.png Pictures


These are some pictures of me and some of my wiki mates. They have drawn these pictures themselves. You can also add a picture of you and me, but just ask me on my talk page first so we can decide what we will look like.

Me and Kotsu. Special Birthday Gift from my bro <3 File:Barkubdayfinaldraft1.png

Me and Lil LT and Barku.png

Tyen and Me Scan2.jpg

Me and Roshai 418692 295651157163313 100001552923102 796851 1937429840 n.jpg

Shak and Me Shak and Barku.jpg

Gohanfan and Me Scan002.jpg

Me and MFA BarkuDrawing.png

Kiko and Me Kiko&Barku.jpg

Bulms'z and Me MsB and Barku.jpg

Me and Final Flash

IMG 0373-1-.jpg

Son goku ssj raging blast hd by nostal-d4992o2.png My Saiyan Level Slide Shows

Adroid16.png My Favorite Characters


Android 8

Eighter, the reason he has earned his position in my favorite characters is for the sole purpose of his attitude. He is just such a nice guy. Hating violence isn't really a pro for him in my perspective, but he is very nice. he also protects and fights for those who are good. he is also really powerful and because he doesn't like violence it is in a way a hidden power. Similar to Gohan's. Although I never really knew about Android 8 properly till after joining the wiki.

Super Android 13

Super Android 13, he is one cool fighter. I remember things about him from back when I was a kid and if you are a Dragon Ball character who I can remember from back when I was a kid it means that you will very likely get into my favorite Character list. I remember having him on a Tazo, he was in like a special tazo, like a kind of 3D one. He is also a really cool design, the Super Android 13 transformation I guess is cool, the colors aren't too bad either.

Android 16

16, probably my favorite character. Mainly based on his attitude and his fighting abilities. 16 is just an all round awesome bloke. He is strong and doesn't show it off thinking he is the best in the Universe. He is so calm and just chills there. he also loves nature, just like me. I love how he is very calm and how he just says "I will kill Cell". The way that he has almost no fear is great. I also love his technique Rocket Punch. When he dies I think that is one of the saddest moments in the Dragon Ball Series. I think it actually made me shed a tear once, not sure though. He also kind of reminds me off myself, I am fairly chill alot of the time, but when I am having heaps of fun I can go absolutely spastic, kind of how he goes crazy when he goes into battle. His voice is great too, I can't really explain it, but I love it! His design is also real cool. It seems similar to a Yu Gi Oh character I remember from a while back. A cool part in the series is where he offers to help the Z Fighters battle Cell. It was just a real noble move to make, he was designed to kill a certain person and then he decides to fight along side that person. A real good guy who stays true to what he believes. His theme is also pretty cool too. It is not something that I would listen to when I work out but it is a very good theme and fits him perfectly. That pciture for this headline area that you see above is my favorite picture of Android 16 because it shows the happiness and the kindness in his heart. I actually don't remember that much about 16 from back when I was a child watch Dragon Ball Z.


Okay come on, he is funny as! Like first World Martial Arts contest, a guy who is massive but has hardly any fighting skill progresses because he knocks out his opponents with his stench is just classic. Real funny moment.


Ya know, although he is in my user name, sometimes I doubt how high up he is on my favorite characters list. Have you noticed that he isn't in the top 4 villains or top 4 heroes on my talk page? I think that was partly due to how he is neither one nor the other. I dunno really, but what I do know is that he will always be one of the most badass characters and he will always be my first name on this wiki.

Battle Ball Team

Lock-In formation! I actually created the Lock-In Formation page on this wiki. That is the main reason why they are on here, when they get into position it it so cool and gives me a laugh or two.

Bear Thief

Not much to say really, he is just one big bear, who is a thief. And if that isn't pretty cool then you tell me what is.


Bee! He is the best, when he dies that is either the saddest or second saddest moment in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. Like I love my dog more than anything else in the world so Buu and Bee's connection is the same as me and my dog's.









Captain Ginyu






Dr. Brief


Evil Buu



Future Gohan

Future Trunks







Grand Supreme Kai

Grandpa Gohan





Jimmy Firecracker

Kid Buu


King Cold

King Kai

King Yemma



Lord Slug


Majin Buu




Master Roshi



Mr. Popo

Mr. Satan


Ninja Murasaki

Northern Supreme Kai


Old Kai

The Original Super Saiyan










Southern Supreme Kai


Spike the Devil Man



Super Buu

Supreme Kai

Tien Shinhan

Toad Warriors


Tournament Chairman







Western Supreme Kai

World Tournament Announcer








Frieza Form 3 Attack.png My Favorite Techniques


100% Death Ball

50% Power


Afterimage Technique

Angry Kamehameha

Babidi's Mind Control

Bang Beam

Barrage Death Beam

Bomber DX

Burning Attack

Chocolate Beam

Crazy Finger Beam

Crusher Ball

Dead Zone (technique)

Death Ball

Death Beam

Destroy Everything!

Destroy The Planet!

Destructo Disk

Devilmite Beam

Dodon Ray

Double Axe Handle

Eighter Attack

Elegant Blaster

Eye Laser

Fighting Pose

Final Flash

Final Spirit Cannon

Finger Beam


Four Witches Technique

Full Power Energy Wave


Fusion Dance


Galactic Donut

Game Boy Bomb

Giant Form

Guilty Flash

Guldo Special

HAIL Frieza

Hell's Flash

Hidden Potential

Homing Destructo Disk

Human Extinction Attack

I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life!

I'm Here to Kill You

Imprisonment Ball

Instant Transmission


It's Just Getting Exciting!


Kaio-ken Kamehameha


Ki Blast

Ki Sense

Large Spirit Bomb

Leave My Daddy Alone!

Lock-In Formation

MAX Power Kamehameha

Meteor Smash

Milky Cannon

Mouth Energy Wave


Neo Tri-Beam

Nightmare Impact

Old Kai's Unlock Ability

Para Para Boogie

Planet Burst

Playing Pro-Wrestling

Purple Spiral Flash

Rapid Fire

Recoome Boom

Recoome Eraser Gun


Risking it all for a friend

Rocket Punch

Scatter Shot

See Ya!

Self Destruction



Smelly Finger

Solar Flare

Spirit Bomb

Spirit Burst

Spirit Tri-Beam

Stone Spit


Super Breath

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Super Kaio-ken

Super Spirit Bomb




Time Freeze




Twin Dragon Shot

Vanishing Beam

Vice Shout

Wolf Fang Fist

Yemma Lock

You Hurt Goku!

You Thought That Was It?

You Will Die By My Hand!


Brolly lssj by mrgekon-d47wlxn.png My Least Favorite Characters



Goku ssj3 new by drozdoo-d3drbyc.png
Name: Bardock, Barku
Race: Australian
Age: 17 8 Months
Debut: August 3, 2011
Location: Australia
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 87.1 kilograms
Wikia-O-Matic: Adventurous Spirit
Became Chat Mod: October 27, 2011
Became Rollback: November 4, 2011

My Themes: SSJ3 Goku Theme

:SSJ3 Goku Theme Dubstep

:SSJ3 Goku Theme Remix

Other Aussies on the Wiki

SSJ Blogs

Recently I have been making a chain of blogs that I have named "SSJ Blogs". They are a competition where I will upload 4 or 6 pictures of a real character from the Dragon Ball franchise as an SSJ level that they didn't reach in the series. To see the list of all my SSJ blogs ever, please have a look here. You can also very freely still levae your comment on any of these blogs. I even made a userobx for the SSJ Blogs which you can see here, feel free to use this userbox. To make use of this userbox just type in {{SSJ Blogs}} and the template will appear.

My sigs

FriezaFormone.jpgFriezaaftergettinghitbyKienzan.Ep38.DBZKai.pngFriezaThirdFormNV.png Now learn, learn what happens when you mess with the most powerful being in the UNIVERSE!Frieza13.jpgFrieza 100% Power.jpgFriezaEp120.png

 BardockGoku  talk  contribs 

 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-.png

Gokussj3uc4.png BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-.png

Those are my most common sigs that I use. I also have a Sig Gallery, please come by, check it out and vote for your favorite here!!!

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Goku fan.
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Bardock fan.

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King Vegeta fan.
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Vegeta fan.

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Future Trunks fan.
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Gohan fan.

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Goten fan.
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Trunks fan.

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Tien Shinhan fan.
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Piccolo fan.

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Krillin fan.
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Yamcha fan.

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Popo fan.
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Super Saiyan 3.
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Super Saiyan 2.

83703 Toonami logo.gif BardockGoku was introduced to the Dragon Ball series on Toonami.
Ssj4vegeta.jpg BardockGoku is a
Super Saiyan 4.

Bardock3-1.jpg BardockGoku is playing

Bardock in Trunten 3900's L.A.R.P.

Yajirobe4.JPG BardockGoku is playing Yajirobe in Trunten 3900's L.A.R.P.

GotenSuperSaiyanINV.png BardockGoku became a Super Saiyan at age 7!
MercenaryTaoGeneralBluePressurePointAttackEp59.png BardockGoku can kill you with their tongue

Kamehameha.jpg BardockGoku is a fan of Energy Beams!
PiccoloSpecialBeamCannonK.png BardockGoku knows
Special Beam Cannon and killed Raditz with it.

BardockGoku is a Kaio-ken fan.
Neo tri-beam attack focus.jpg BardockGoku knows
Tri-Beam and blasted Cell with it.

Galic Gun.jpg BardockGoku knows the
Galick Gun and nearly defeated Kakarot with it.
Maximum Flasher.png BardockGoku learned the
Maximum Flasher and attempted to kill Cell with it.

Final Flash.png BardockGoku learned the
Final Flash and almost killed Cell with it.
250px-Final Kamehameha-1-.png BardockGoku learned the
Final Kamehameha and almost killed Super Buu with it.

Goku universal spirit bomb.jpg BardockGoku learned the
Universal Spirit Bomb and killed Omega Shenron with it.
FINALSHINE.jpg BardockGoku Knows the Final Shine Attack and has attacked Super 17 with it

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Frieza and his Elite
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Dodoria fan.
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Cui fan.

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Yamcha should get more respect than he actually does

Userboxes I have made

BardockGoku hates Van Zant because he killed Bee and other people for no reason.
Broly5.jpg BardockGoku is a
Broly fan.
MUGEN AF menu Hatchyach by pgv.jpg BardockGoku is a
Hatchiyack fan.
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