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aka Nr. 1 B-Daplayer

  • I live in In my own King Castle
  • My occupation is The #1 Blader in the world
  • I am male

BardockGoku Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for a wiki wife

Hello i am looking for a wiki wife if someone wants to be my wiki wife just write me a message on my talk page.

Super saiyan

Ssj Gogeta

Ssj Bardock

Ssj Gotenks

Ssj Trunks and ssj Goten

Ssj Goku

Ssj Vegeta

Ssj Broly

Ssj Vegeta Jr.

Ssj Goku Jr.

Ssj Vegito

Ssj Gohan

Ssj Future Trunks

Ssj Future Gohan

Ssj Future Vegeta


FriezaFormoneFriezaaftergettinghitbyKienzan.Ep38.DBZKaiFriezaThirdFormNV Armintas9873 rules !!!!!!Frieza13Frieza 100% PowerFriezaEp120


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