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  • I live in Denmark
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is School, drawing, being cool, that kinda stuff.
  • I am at least something. I really don't know.

Update: After a long time of standby because of me having "forgotten my password", I am now back after remembering it. I will start editing again now, I hope... ^^


"Look I don't care what you f**kin do... I mean... I don't even..."
Venusaur's trainer

"Just say f**king Solarbeam! I mean Venusaur... Well... Okay, am I gonna do the Solarbe... Well I don't need you permission for this one man. I mean... DUH, Venusaur! Baamm."
Venusaur getting frustrated


The name is Chris, but for some reason, I am always being called Randy at school. Dunno why. Anyways, if any of you remember me, well, I am back again!

๖ۣۜẪragon is my name here.

I am a really long time DB fan, in any way. I have loved DB since I was 5 years old, and that's 9 years ago now. I really love everything about the franchise. I am here to ensure the general quality of the wiki, correcting spelling errors 'n stuff, grammar, making entries more readable and describing, stuff like that. I just love the Dragon Ball series, and no one can take it away from me.

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Amusing slideshows created by me to the right, boring stuff on the left

  • Here I am, Master of all Rabbits.
  • Oh... Hi, Master of all... Rabbits...
  • And here I am, minion and servant of the Master of all Rabbits.
  • Hello, dearest friend!
  • Uhmm... Well, Hello!
  • Wait, don't touch him, blue-hair!
  • Blue-hair? Huh, that wasn't nice 'o you. You wanna fight?!
  • No, please, restrain yourself, lady.
  • I'm gonna tear you apart!!
  • Hey hey, you forgot about me!
  • Here I come, scumbags!!
  • What kinda fool is he?
  • Huahh!!! Incoming!!
  • So, who's first, huh?!
  • You all are!!! GWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • BOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!
  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Surprise attack!!!
  • NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That was easy enough!
  • What was that??!!
  • Seriously, waht is going on???
  • This story's kinda mixed up........
  • Man, this is bullpoo!!!
  • I'm leaving, I don't wanna be a part of this any more. In fact, I'm not even a Dragon Ball character.
  • Buu hate this story. Buu don't like. Buu leaving.
  • Buu, stay, or I'm gonna blow you up. Understood?
  • Buu do as Buu see fit! Buu hate you!!!!
  • Because I wanted to! Now stop getting angry. I don't like you either.
  • See if Buu care!!!!!!!!!! Buu MAAAD!!
  • Calm, just calm. Have some bread.
  • *Sigh*. What is your problem? Scram, before you get robbed by Mr. Pickpocket. Now! GO!

  • Okay, I'm going to beat Cell... But how?
  • Aaarghh!! There he is!
  • "Whack!"
  • Hercule, do you want Buu's help?
  • No, I can take him. Please keep at distance Buu.
  • Here I come, Cell! Beware!
  • Mr. Satan vs Cell2.jpg Hiyaaah!!!
  • *Death-stare*
  • Yiiiikeees!!!!!!!!
  • Are Hecule sure he doesn't need help from Buu?
  • Yes, Buu, together we will take him down!! C'mon Buu!
  • Shut up and die, you fat bubblegum.
  • Aaaauuuchh!!!!
  • Why? Why did you do that to Buu?
  • Because I felt so, you piece of candyfloss.
  • Buu don't like you. Buu... getting...
  • MAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HUUUUUHH!!!!!!!
  • Uh-oh!!
  • Now let's see what this little pink one can do...
  • Relax Buu, relax! You're gonna blow up the country!!!
  • Buu do not care!!!
  • Meanwhile, 50 kilometers away, at the beach.
  • Uha-hahaha, hahaha!!!!! Is that everything?!! Scum!
  • Buu wanna sleep now!!! Buu tired!
  • Wow!! That was most impressive!!
  • Tired... Buu wanna sleep now... Goodnight Hercule!
  • Yeah, see you Buu! (This is actually your money).

  • Translator: Kid Buu's language is translated into english (still rather simple, though).
  • Me Buu. Me like destruction, me like violence, and me hate Fat Buu.
  • Me wanna tell about me life. You listen, or me start dancing to 70s music.
  • It began with me being created by Bibidi. Me don't like Bibidi. Bibidi always be mean to me.
  • Bibidi took me to many planets, having me to destroy them. Me liked destroying them.
  • But me hated Bibidi. Once, Bibidi brought me to a planet, with strange mohawk dudes. They strong.
  • One of mohawk dudes looked sweet. Me really liked that mohawk dude.
  • Also, Fat Mohawk dude showed up and sayed hello. Me slapped him down.
  • Fat Mohawk dude got angry, and started yelling at me. Me didn't like. Bibidi told me to kill him, but...
  • ...he seemed tasty, so me ate him. Me got all fat and chubby, and me then don't remember anything.
  • Me came to look like this. Luckily, me don't remember how silly me must have been. Me was called Fat Buu.
  • However, me got enough power to split up someday. Me became all thin and grey, but me liked it.
  • Also, Bibidi wasn't there anymore. Me was not sad, me danced disco of happines.
  • However, me remember a little about Bibidi's son. He ugly. Me don't like him neither.
  • Me got informed, that Fat Buu killed him. Me was happy.
  • However, me like Fat Buu a little. Me danced so hard to gabber, that me caused an earthquake, in Japan.
  • Me then started looking for Fat Buu, to thank him. However, me couldn't find him.
  • Me spotted him, and was like, "Damn it!" as me saw him, "Such delicious!" Me flew down to him.
  • Me decided to knock him out, then me wanted to eat him. However, Fat Buu wanted to fight.
  • Me looked really cool after eating him. He tasted so good, that I started farting flames.
  • Me battled many enemies, and me liked it. Me also came to look different, and me got smarter.
  • However, me ate some mysterious fighter, me doesen't remember name of. Me spat out Fat Buu.
  • Me then returned to myself agian. Me liked my previous look, me being tall and smart, but...
  • Me be much stronger in this form. Me also fast. And me didn't have Fat Buu in me.
  • Me fight big hair dude. Me told him, "Big hair make you big funny", but he didn't understand.
  • Me was about to win. Oh, and me blew up Earth for fun, before. Me danced breakdance and laughed.
  • However, big hair dude made big ball, so me was defeated. Me was sad.
  • Me then be reborn as dude with mohawk. Me inside him.
  • Me just wait for chance to get out! HAHAHAHAAA!!!!
  • Translator: That was Kid Buu's history. Kid Buu want's to say something: "GIGAAAAHH!!!!! Me coming for you!"

My favorite pages

  • My favourite page on this wiki is Goku! Awesome article!
  • Second is Hirudegarn.
  • Third is... Dunno, exactly. Maybe Kid Buu. Not sure. Duh.
  • Fourth is... Well. Kinda uncertain. Maybe Vegeta or Gohan. I'm not sure.

Favorite DBZ Character

  • My absolute fav is Kid Buu, without doubt. Say, I actually made a slideshow about his life. It's just a little down of here.

Most Hated DBZ Character

I really hate Raditz. He think he's so smart, and he is just full of bull****.

Martial Arts Slideshow Tutorials With Grandpa Gohan, 450px HD!

  • Hello there! My name is Gohan, and I'm here to teach you martial arts. Listen carefully!
  • As of today, I'm going to teach you basic swordmanship. Swords are a formidable weapon, and if mastered, very deadly.
  • I do not have a sword by my hand, but these fellows have, and we are going to have a good look on them.
  • Now, Gohan (you were named after me! Yay!), will you show us how to hold a basic sword fundamentally?
  • Yeah, like tha... Gohan, you are just like your father! C'mon! Please, be serious! Man...
  • That's better. Nothing is worse than to lose your sword in battle because you didn't hold it tight. So grab and hold!
  • A heavy sword is also a good thing, dealing heavier damage, and if you lose it, your opponent can't pick it up. Like this...
  • ... Well, Kibito is very weak anyways, but... Never mind... Oh, dang...
  • To become a great and skilled warrior, you, of course, need to have a sword. It must be of great quality, or else, forget it.
  • Now, here's a great example. I believe this is Tapion's? You probably won't find a sword of this quality, but at least, it has to be sturdy.
  • Yamcha here will give you an example of sturdiness... Watch and learn.
  • A sturdy sword won't break from an overhead strike. By the way, if anyone ever attack you like that, do as Yamcha on the image.
  • Right here, Mercenary Tao just failed extremely hard. Unbelievable. Oh... Never mind.
  • As for now, this concludes the basics of swordsmanship. Always train, and make your sword sharp. Next time, we'll be focusing on offense.
  • So, little friend, until we meet again, take care of yourself, and goodbye!
  • Hello! My name is Gohan, and I'm here to teach you martial arts. This is a special slideshow, so watch and listen carefully!
  • Today, we will practice something as unique as Chi, Kyusho, and other stuff. This slideshow is focusing on slightly advanced techniques...
  • ... so experience is recommended. You should maybe watch some of the other slideshows first, for basics. Allright, let's get started!
  • We start with Chi. First, I'd like to tell how to channel your Chi out in your body. Start by making deep breaths, and focus your energy.
  • This dude is able to channel his Chi to his fists, making them ironhard. By doing breath exercises, one can soon be able to control the Chi.
  • While Chi is focused out in the body parts, you can literally beat any opponent. Always, keep attacking, until you get exhausted...
  • ... or to the opponent is down. With Chi, a well-placed kick could knock out an opponent instantly... Like this!
  • If you become just as great with Chi as Yamcha, you could maybe even expell an aura! People might then fear you before you even fight.
  • Using Chi properly, it can change the tides in battle. So, did you get it all? Good! Now it is time to practice Kyusho.
  • Kyusho is translated into "Vital Point" or "Tender Spot". It is a very effective and dangerous technique.
  • To do Kyusho, you just have to find a physical weak spot on your opponent, then press a finger against it. So simple is that!
  • But the result can lead to serious injury, and even death if used with enough force, so extreme caution is adviced!
  • It can be used to paralyze, slightly damage, knock out, or even kill an opponent. Look at the picture...
  • Also, by combining Chi to your Kyusho attack, you might be able to use another limb of your body. Maybe even your tongue!
  • Allright, did you get all that? Great! A bit complicated, isn't it? Allright! Now, to move to another technique...
  • This technique is quite unfamiliar with many martial artists, but through practice, anyone can master it. It is called Kiai.
  • Kiai is when you shout or yell while performing an attack. It will automaticly make the attack much stronger... No matter how bad or good you are.
  • You might even become so good that you can expell the kiai from your body. Like this mohawk dude here...
  • The princip in kiai is to shout out as loud as possible. If you do a palm strike on someone...
  • ... while making a kiai, your opponent will tumble far away. Or a punch in the gut, while making a kiai; this will totally make them unable to get up.
  • Did you get all that? Good! Now, for the most epic fighting combo...
  • Before battle, if possible, focus your Chi energy into the bodyparts you want to use in the fight. Combine Chi with Kiai...
  • ... strike your opponent with a Kyusho, then, you will be the certain winner. But remember, offense isn't always the best option!
  • Remember to block incoming strikes and kicks too. In another slideshow, I showed blocking techniques.
  • So, that concludes today's special slideshow! I hope you have learned something! Remember, always practice!
  • So, little friend, until we meet again, take care! And goodbye!
  • Hello, my name is Gohan, and I'm here teach you martial arts. Listen carefully! A good martial artist always listens to the teacher!
  • Today, we will practice close-combat fighting techniques. This focuses heavily on fighting at close range. I show you it in HD! Cool, huh?
  • Okay, let's begin. First, find a good fighting stance you feel comfrotable with. It must be a stance that...
  • ... that has good connection to the ground, and makes you comfortable in it. That is very important.
  • In the slideshow below this one, I showed you some fighting stances, so I recommend you to watch it first.
  • This little friend of mine is going to... Wait... Goku! Get serious! Please! I'm doing a martial arts slideshow here! C'mon!
  • Allright, that's better. Goku here's going to be my marital arts companion today. Watch carefully!
  • Allright... So Goku, try attacking me! We will focus on blocking.
  • Hiahh!! You see how I'm blocking this one? If the opponent punches at you, try to grab their hand... Like this... (Man, I've gotten out of shape...)
  • After you grabbed the hand, you can try to push your opponent backwards, or counter-attack on them.
  • The next blocking technique is to deflect a kick. Flying, or on ground, the princip is the same.
  • Allright! Come on, Goku, try to kick me!
  • Hiah! You see? When he kicks after your face, you can block or deflect it by pushing the incoming foot away.
  • Also, you can grab the leg, and counter-attack by sweeping his/her other leg away, making them trip. That is a very good combo.
  • Always keep close to the opponent, constantly jabbing them, as if you were boxing.
  • If the opponent gets too close, you can keep them at distance with kicks. And for the best part...
  • ... If you get the chance, try making them fall over, by sweeping their legs, by pushing, or by throws.
  • Well, that concludes today's close-combat techniques! I hope you have learned something!
  • The next slideshow tutorial will be a special one, focusing on alot of interesting techniques! Well, see you!
  • So, until we meet again, take care! And goodbye!
  • Hello! My name is Gohan, and I'm here to teach you martial arts. I have expanded the slideshow to introduce new stances! Listen carefully!
  • Allright... Before we start you must at all costs get in shape. Browsing Dragon Ball Wiki...
  • ... will make you fat and lazy, so when you get in proper shape, come see me... Not before! You MUST be Fit 4 Fight!
  • With "proper shape", I mean when you can do an Ironman Triathlon X10. So get to business! Seriously!
  • ...What? Did you already finish it? Never mind. Today, we will practice basic fighting stances.
  • The great and respected martial artist always has a variety of stances... Like this... Take a good look!
  • You did it? Good! Now, we will look at an alternate stance...
  • This one is pretty good. It is my personal favorite! Master it, then come see me again.
  • You did it? Good! Okay, now I'm going to show you stances not performed by me. They might be tricky, so look carefully!
  • This one is Yamcha's favorite. He has a lot of good advantages in this one. He has good connection to the ground and looks cool.
  • You did Yamcha's? Great! Now look at this one... Bandages has a great stance here, despite him being so weak (well, he kicked Yamcha's butt).
  • Now, here's a good stance used by the stupid ass snail called Piccolo (sorry to all fans out there). It is good, however, since...
  • ... it is some sort of Demon stance. Brutality just pours out of that mollusk body of his.
  • This is pure Crane Style. I hate those Crany things, but Tien is a good guy, so is the stance. Learn it, then come see me.
  • So, that's all for now! Sure, alot of other stances also exist, but try to improvise! Next time, it's gonna be close-combat fighting!
  • So, little friend, be prepared! Until we meet again, take care, and goodbye!
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