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"Well, well... Speaking of who it is, if it isn't the Neko Majin knock-off, Usa Majin!"
Neko Majin Z toward Usa Majin in "Neko Majin Z 4"

Usa Majin (ウサギマジン Usagi Majin) is an Usagi Majin who appears in Nekomajin and is the rival of Neko Majin Z.


Usagi Majin comes to Neko Majin Z in search of his Majin-Dama (the Neko Majin's source of power). He proclaims that he stole all the other Neko Majins' Majin-Dama orbs across the world, making him one of the strongest. Usagi needs Neko Majin Z's Majin-Dama to truly become the strongest throughout the world. He then discovers Z's weakness, threatening to crush Z's Goku Action Figure. However, Z's best friend acts quickly and calls Good Buu, who easily deals with Usagi Majin before the latter could swallow Z's Majin-Dama orb and saves Neko Majin Z's Action Figure.


Having eaten all of the Majin-Dama's other than Neko Majin Z's, Usagi Majin is quite powerful - however he is no match for Z and has to take advantage of his weakness. He is also defeated by a single slap from Good Buu.


  • Usagi Majin (Majin Dama's eaten) vs. Good Buu


  • The first part of his name, "Usagi", which means "rabbit", a reference to his rabbit-like appearance.