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Unpolished Instinct (未完成の極意 Mikansei no Goku 'i', lit. Imperfect Instinct) is a Rush Attack used by Goku while utilizing Ultra Instinct -Sign- during the Tournament of Power.


Goku launches a high-speed combination of punches and kicks, battering his target from all sides before kneeing them away. After following his combination up with a massive Kamehameha, Goku charges through the blast to deliver one final, devastating punch to his target.

Usage and Power

Goku used this attack against Jiren during the Tournament of Power. However, Ultra Instinct -Sign- fades away before Goku's final attack connects and is sent flying by Jiren's Power Impact.

Video Game Appearances

This technique appears as Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku's super attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle under the name Kamehameha. It is also the finishing blast of another super attack used by Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku under the name Unpolished Instinct.

This technique appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as one of Ultra Instinct Goku's combos.


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